Sapa Vietnam Trekking, Sapa Vietnam Travel Tips, Sapa Vietnam Trekking Guide

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Sapa Vietnam Travel Tips
Sapa Vietnam Trekking Guide


Sapa in Northern Vietnam is famous for its trekking activities. Anyone visiting Sapa naturally would like to do some trekking in that area.

The vast space and mountainous conditions of Sapa make trekking a very challenging experience. Nevertheless, it is certainly one of the experiences that everyone should gain at least once in a lifetime.

The minority tribes living in the remote mountain areas of Sapa add another interesting and colorful dimension to the travel experience of Sapa. They have their own languages, cultures and even fashion.

The largest tribe living in the Sapa area is the Black Hmong tribe.

This video covers a 5-hour trekking experience with a Black Hmong guide by the name of Tu, who brought us to his house for lunch after the trekking trip.

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  1. Trekking in Sapa, North Vietnam is a wonderful experience everyone should have at least once in a life time.

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