PHILIPPINES FOOD TOUR DIY – BORACAY MUST EATS | Philippines Travel Vlog 100, 2017

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Boracay food tour DIY style in the Philippines – we eat Halo Halo a Filipino speciality food and dessert, check out some restaurant options, and eat our way around Boracay! ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

There are some great food options in Boracay, restaurants, casual spots, cafes and juice bars. The Philippines as a country is very proud of their Filipino food, so we also had to hunt out this specialty dessert we keep seeing everywhere – Halo Halo. Theres lots more food to try in the Philippines and we need to try more of the amazing FIlipino dishes, but this was a fun start to go exploring around Boracay.

If you’re coming to Boracay don’t miss these top restaurants and food options!

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  1. Beautiful place. You were there before Boracay was closed for rejuvenation. Try going there now. Cleaner and lesser crowd.

  2. Already taste there calamansi muffins before and it really taste like heaven.

  3. 9:00 – There is no construction going on. The transparent wall with bamboo stilts they have put up are just windbreaker. It keeps the sand from flying especially to the restaurants on a windy day.

  4. Nice of you guys to visit our country. I hope you don't encounter any unpleasant experience during your tour. God Bless and Good Health to and your respective families. Have a safe trip going back to your point of origin.

  5. I was there last year. It was my first time to go home after 25 years in USA. Manila changed so much, more people and cars. Have you visited Northern Luzon? Vigan, Agoo, Bolinao, Sarat and Batanes. I recommend Vigan if you are planning to visit Philippines again.

  6. I was in the Philippines about 2 months ago. I stayed for 14 days (first 3 in a resort in Manila City of Dreams), 7 in a village Bicol (Pasacao to be exact) and then one night over in Naga and then 3 again in Manila at a different place. The food shocked me and the prices did as well, it was all so inexpensive and so delicious. Did you try the crispy pata? It was almost exactly like eating golonka in Poland. Did you try the sisig? Its made from the pigs head and liver and I suspect the brain. Fantastic! I will always have a place in the Philippines in my heart. Flying there on business class from Boston USA on Cathay Pacific is actually cheaper than flying business class on Lufthansa from Boston to Munich…the world is amazing…dig and you will be astounded how special each country is. love your work.

  7. The calamansi muffin tastes a lot like Starbucks lemon loaf, if you were to add some lime in the mix (I still prefer the Starbucks version). Mango shake at Jonah's was good. Halo-halo made DIY is the best since you can add your choice of sweets in the mix instead of what a restaurant offers (kind of like the selection of toppings in a froyo place).

  8. I dont know how I got to your channel but I've already watched so many of your videos and newly subbed, I just love it, you guys are so genuine and sound so nice or is it just because i love australians 😂😂

  9. Mang Inasal has the best halo halo, everyone else puts to much shaved ice in theirs. By the way halo halo, means mix, mix.

  10. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 [can't believe it's that expensive, used to pay 40.00 PHP for 1 order of shake and t'was not so sugary back then – but am still a fan of Jonah's]

  11. I love the Philippines. Did you research cost of living in the places you go? I really like your vlogs!

  12. Loved this video! You guys are so cool for being open to tasting food you haven't tasted before. Thanks for sharing your travel experiences!

  13. Been binge watching your videos 🙂 glad to see you enjoyed our beloved country! I sincerely hope you'll be back again soon! Much love from Manila, and GOD bless you both!

  14. I enjoy watching your video clips. I laugh when you laugh. I feel that you are both nice persons, no hang-ups and are having self-confidence, minding your life.

  15. mang inasal is the best especially when you pour the chicken oil into the chicken and rice yum! and dip the chicken into the soysauce mix with calamansi,vinegar and chili..the bomb!

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