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Hello guys, welcome to and Food. Our channel will bring you the experience of Vietnam landmarks, cuisine, and culture. Through each video, you will know how to cook or you can even image the taste of Vietnamese food; experience the beauty of Vietnam tourist attractions and know how to make a tour your own without joining tour groups.

In this video, I want to make the city tour series. If you’re thinking of a place to worship and learn about the religious beliefs, you can visit these 4 outstanding pagodas.

The first one is Vietnam Quốc Tự Pagoda – one of the highest pagoda of city, with the modern Vietnamese architecture. The pagoda famous for the stupa which is now the place to honor the heart relic of monk Thích Quảng Đức.

Then, we move to the Hinduism temple with Indian. Reputed to have miraculous powers, the temple was built at the end of the 19th century and dedicated to the Hindu goddess Mariamman – God of Rain. We’re really lucky because we can behold the Fire Sacrifice that occurs at 10:00AM. That’s the cozy and sacred atmosphere. There’s a special thing you have to note. That if you want to pray, please face down on the statue and whisper your prayer. Only a small number of Hindus live in HCMC, but this colorful slice of southern India is also considered sacred by many ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese.

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Next, we want to introduce to you the architecture of Chinese Temple. This is the oldest Chinese temple in Saigon, and also the only temple where Ong Bon is mainly worshiped in the city. That’s Ông Bổn Temple, or also known as Nhị Phủ Temple. The decoration strongly reflects the Chinese style with many carefully written couplets, statues of dragons, fishes turn into dragons, and subtly sculpture words and stones,… This place becomes popular destination for all local and visitor when travelling around Ho Chi Minh.

And the 4th one is The Chantarangsay Pagoda – a religious and cultural haven for the Khmer people in the south of Vietnam – also a pagoda with Khmer architecture. The pagoda also houses monks from Theravada sect, the most ancient branch of Buddhism.
Here are 4 specific pagodas for those who want to make a pilgrimage tour. We hope you enjoy it and have a peaceful mind and we really appreciate your following so please do not forget to give a thumb up, subscribe and comment on your feeling or recommend any places you want us to review next. Thanks a lot!

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