Gemma Eats…BARCELONA Food Tour | CHURROS and La Boqueria MARKET, BEST Spanish Food

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Hi Bold Bakers! Travel with me to Barcelona for delicious Churros & Chocolate, a tour of the world famous Food Market and plenty of amazing eats I’ll show you along the way. So let’s eat!

Hi Bold Bakers! I’m Gemma Stafford, a professional chef originally from Ireland, and I’m passionate about sharing my years of baking experience to show you how to make simple, game-changing baking recipes with over-the-top results! Join more than 1 Million other Bold Bakers in the community for new videos at 8:30am Pacific Time every Monday and Thursday!


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Gemma Eats…Barcelona Travel Food Show

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  1. Watching this during the pandemic after having lived in Spain for half my life and to have come back home just a month before the pandemic felt a bit like tor ture I miss Spain so much. I can almost smell that market, wine, cheese and tapas and felt tranported watching the movement and people. And Barcelona is so nice. I really miss that liveliness and awesome gastronomic experience while surrounded by friends, and other people enjoying life. Good video, brought back good memories

  2. So the chocolate that goes with churros is not a drink, but a pudding? What if you order a cup of hot chocolate or cocoa in a non-churros context in Spain? Do you get the same kind of chocolate or something thinner and drink-like?

  3. My father side of family is from Spain I absolutely love jamón cerrano 😋

  4. Lovely video! What was your favorite type of ham cone? Going there in May.

  5. ¡Soy Español, Y tengo mucho Orgullo del mío País y la mía Nación y Barcelona me Encanta y Aquella Iglesias y las Tapas me Encanta!

  6. Fun Fact: Bananas are berries whereas strawberries are not… mind blown

  7. El quim de la Boqueria is one over rated place in Barcelona, and more over rated and overly priced dish is their baby squid with fried eggs, waited almost an hour to get a seat and got disappointed with their food. Tried the aged beef also, total waste of money. Do promote/try good places to eat in Barcelona, one such place is Xiloka BCN, couple manage the restaurant, food quality and tastes both are good.

  8. I was in Barcelona a few months ago, the food was sooooo amazing. I also made a few videos about it. Can't wait to go back to even taste more, cause I was only there for a few days, I didn't get to taste it all.

  9. Was debating on moving to BCN for the summer and this vid just absolutely convinced me to go! Can’t wait to visit these places. Great channel!

  10. Amazing beautiful place and all the foods are awesome 😳👌👌👌👌💀😋😋😋😋thnx for sharing God bless u 😊

  11. This is amazing! I love this series! I really want to go to barcelona just for their food! It is funny to see you make a food vlog in barcelona! It is perfect!! ^___^ Thank you guys for taking us with you~~~

  12. Best sea food is in Portugal. Go there. And sweets too. You have to taste our presunto and bacalhau.

  13. Dear Mrs Gemma… "HELP"?? We baked a first batch of "churros" per your oven baked recipe and they were a big hit, nice and fluffy and good. So this weekend, we decided to try it again, "ONLY" doubling the amounts, so as to make twice as much. They were so goooood last time, that they ran out quick.
    So after we doubled everything and baked them, well… "NOT" so good of a turn out. Which is why we need help. We baked them in 2 batches, since the double trays would not fit in our oven. 1st batch was kind of tough and hard I would say… maybe too much heat, so the next batch, we lowered the time a little and maybe fix the problem. Well they wee to soggy of butter and kind of raw…
    So we're puzzled as to what to try next.
    Thank You… Great recipe!!
    Raul & Francisca.

  14. Hi Gemma Im algo from Malaga in Spain. The good churros are all in Andalucía, they are longer and thicker and taste wayyy better😘 Glad you liked Barcelona

  15. Gemma,i´m glad you like to visit to Barcelona. This is a very beautiful city, and a very good example of the spanish cuisine. I´m so happy to have this country with this amazing fresh products, great vegetables, great fish and meats and delicious and homemade milk products.
    You know so well, what you must eat when you visit my country.

    Take care my friend,


  16. You went to all the most touristic places XD. I am just hapy you enjoyed the city and enjoyed the food. But you can just buy Ham at the sumermarket and it will be just as good. Just buy the black legged, acorn one and it will be delicious. And cheapper than at La Boqueria. That place is super expensive.

  17. Hey Gemma. Nice vlog. I went to Barcelona a couple months a go
    Felt in love❤✌🇪🇸

  18. Oh man, please please try and recreate that hot chocolate recipe! 😱😋

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