Best Vietnamese Food In Huế City! $6 for ALL This Food (Cơm Hến and Bánh Bèo)

Bạn đang xem video: Best Vietnamese Food In Huế City! $6 for ALL This Food (Cơm Hến and Bánh Bèo) được tổng hơp từ trang ẩm thực

In this video we take the train from Da Nang to Hue city in Vietnam, try some of the best (cơm hến, bánh bèo and bánh lọc) and go out to the party street.
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Restaurant: Cơm hến Hoa Đông – 64 kiệt 7 Ưng Bình, Vỹ Dạ, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

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  1. Loved Hue and more videos to come from the trip! What did you think of the city?

  2. N10TV utube: KumaHuy ngày càng lên tay nha 😀.. một người nói chính xác , thương dân tộc VN mình.. những ai sống nước ngoài rồi thì thương gì dân nghèo khổ VN ta lắm… Bà con ơi Tẩy Chay Thuốc Trung+ Nha………😀😀

  3. Great video! How easy is would it be to take your dog to Vietnam? I saw in the video a woman with her dog!

  4. The Hue four seasons is a great hotel, I stayed there for the one night when i drove from Da Nang

  5. em nghĩ anh tìm người việt phụ đề video sẽ đc nhiều người xem hơn , nhiều người nước ngoài họ cũng làm như vậy và sub họ lên rất nhanh

  6. Hi teacher ninja. 🙂
    Just want to ask if there is update about opening the boarder soon

  7. I've been spending months each year since 2009 in Vietnam. I have family in HCM, Hue and Nha Trang. There's only one thing I hate…or have a negative opinion…that damned train…training from HCM to Nha Trang is worse than having teeth pulled without anesthetic. AHHHHH!!!!!! And, I've done it often.

  8. watching these vids ppl can tell most caucasian ppl are better thinking,know how to live- to deal w life for more living when the power want to shut down living. these ppl learn how the new land work and get all good use out of it for their own good. even the local dont know how to get best of what theyve got like these ppl.

  9. Chào mừng bạn đến quê hương tôi.thời tiết đẹp vậy bạn không phượt qua đèo Hải Vân thì quả thiếu sót lớn

  10. The interesting trips with you when trying yummy Hue ‘s Foods in Da Nang City with cheap prices.

  11. Đất nước chúng tôi còn nghèo còn nhiều thứ cần học hỏi từ các bạn . Thật vô lý nếu tôi đại diện cho một người hay bất kỳ ai nối vs các bạn nếu các bạn cảm thấy điều gì không tốt chúng tôi xin lỗi và chúc bạn có khảng thơiif gian vui vẻ tại đấy nước tôi

  12. Hi I'm happy to see your friend with his dog. I have a big one and I want to move in but, last year when I visited Vietnam, I was not so sure about it so I saw your friend's dog on the train, on the street and every look good. Small but important tip, thank you. The other free dogs on the street are more problematics with ZAP, my big dog.

  13. HUE is the vietnamese culture center & i have never been there neither da nang myself…have fun & njoy! btw happy st pat's day! NYC

  14. Hope you didn't miss the tiny Banh Mi place (used to be next to the Truong Tien bridge, now it's near the post office building), and of course Bun Bo Hue.

  15. Vietnamese are okay with shell still on shrimp. Many Vietnamese dishes keep the shell on shrimp to create different textures you can get in one bite. I personally think it tastes good that way. Why refuse some extra calcium?

  16. Đến Huế ăn cơm hến bạn đến đúng vùng và đúng quán rồi đấy,ngon miệng nha

  17. Beautiful video as always, exploring the beauty Vietnam has to offer and of course, the different food 💕

  18. I really like Hue. I understand the language and the Hue dialect is so "gentle", but they are fiercely principled people. I love the Le Loi blvd and their two high schools there, cream of the top go there.

  19. Teacher handsome man ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. The end of the video looked so fun! A nice exciting little city. I'm so jealous!

  21. That is CRAZY cheap that you guys got that much great food for $6!!!

  22. Famously being one of Vietnam’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Imperial City of Hue has long been a must-see attraction for tourists visiting a hidden charm of Vietnam. !!!

  23. Traintravel to Hue, great views, i have to try it next time…been on my bucketlist for years…. Great job keeping the price in VND and letting us calculate to our own currency.

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