AUTHENTIC Local Food Tour in PERU

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We are outside of Lima with my local Peruvian friend, and we will be visiting 3 locations that the locals love to visit for food or just for a good weekend road trip. Definitely found some hidden gems! Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:

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First Location:
Third Location: Restaurant Campestre “Paraiso” Puente La Capilla S/N- Calango Direction:

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  1. Ta que el seco es bien rico pero me da unos gases despues de comerlo, mi poto parece motor de mototaxista.

  2. I really hope you stay away from buffets! That is not Peruvian good. My wife is Peruvian my kids were born in Peru and the way you did the representation of Peru with all the dry meat and crappy food was a huge disappointment. You need a real guide for Peru. Really amazing food and not buffet style. Would you want golden coral to be representative of food in the USA?

  3. You maked your parents proud that his son finally love beans, you now can brag about eaten peruvian magic beans as your favorites.

  4. How was I not subscribed to you??? I been watching you on YouTube today for like 5 hours now no lie. Love your videos. Subscribed now with all the bells and whistles

  5. I love Mike's videos, but I wish he'd wear a short sleeved polo shirt or something instead of a T-shirt. Perpetuating the bad rep of sloppy, T-shirt wearing Americans. Also, get your arms off the table. Take a cue from the people around you. They were so well mannered. And stop mashing the juice out of the meat!

  6. The world needs to know who this Local guide is. We need him when we visit Peru/Lima This guy is the sweetest nicest guy.

  7. Lol his guide seemed so reserved and underwhelmed. Very nice guy thought he food looks amazing

  8. I love how Alvaro waits for Mike to eat first. It says a lot about us Peruvians. 🇵🇪💞

  9. Mike looks like you are lucky to know Álvaro, because he knows very special places.
    Alvaro 👍 si vez mi mensaje, please pasame… El nombre del Warique. Al lado del rio, el chupe se ve de primera!!!. Buen trabajo llevando a tu amigo a lugares realmente tradicionales de comida fresca.

  10. I like the saying on his shirt 👕

    Exercise? I thought you said extra rice? Haha 😆

  11. Desde la serie de México que fue increíble, no pierdo la oportunidad de ver cada uno de tus vídeos… Interesante ver la comida de cada rincón del mundo sobre todo la popular y callejera.

  12. En Perú casi todos sabemos cocinar

    En otros países seríamos chef
    Por lo rica que es nuestra gastronomía

    Lomo saltado
    Arroz con mariscos
    Ají de gallina
    Causa ,etc
    Todo lo se preparar

    Si quieren un cocinero para el extranjero
    Me escriben 917273889

  13. Man i really love yours videos i wish that when you come back to Perú you come to Chincha City, and try the Original Carapulcra con Sopa Seca

  14. You should visit an event called Mistura that takes place between August and November in Lima It's about peruvian gastronomic.

  15. Chupe de Camarones (original de Arequipa) is one of my favorite dishes in the extense gastronomy of Perú. Enjoy all you can eat. Bless you

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