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Bring on the next chapter of life as expats in Vietnam. Check out what our first week of moving to the beautiful city of Da Nang was like. Watch Vlog #7.

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  1. Xin chào các bạn, thanks for all of the positive comments, its really great to hear from you all and learn a little on the way. For those of you who are asking the cafe is called Venus its located in the An Thuong area. The seafood restaurant we are unsure of the name but its corner of Do Ba & Von Nguyen Giap on the esplanade. 

    Feel free to say hi and ask question will try our hardest to answers as many of you as possible. We here to help:) If you subscribe don't forget to hit the notification bell.

  2. Nice place. Food looks delicious!😍 Pretty cool U have a job there. Crazy traffic lols After they allow for non-essential international travel, I hope to travel to Da Nang, Vietnam for a brief visit.

  3. are you guys still in Da Nang? I'm wondering how they are doing with Covid? Are they mandating masks and such?

  4. Immigration problems? I notice you said that at the beginning. I thought you could only get a temporary visa. How did you get citizenship?

  5. YES! I Won't get homesick for my wish meal, there is Mexican taco, Californian Pizza pie, American burger, BBQ, and of course love the Honda WAVE Alpha motorbike!
    Da Nang, I always thought about it, that where I planning to move there.

  6. Oh my god!!! I finally found normal people who are vlogging about expat life in VN!!! I am an old fart American looking at affordable retirement options in VN. So many vloggers present such banal, boring and goofy information only to discover I've been watching a commercial. I watch them in search of good information about this amazing country and soon discover I am being told it would be best if I purchase one of the vloggers "packages" to get more info. I'm not against someone earning money vlogging and I am happy to buy a package if think it would be beneficial, but please tell me up front so I don't watch the entire vlog only to discover the information promised in the description never quite appears, but I can have it for a small, one time fee….

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Shannon and Jesse for providing a collection of pleasantly presented, informative and fun videos. I really appreciate how informative your vlogs are and it is so nice not to see video surfing of what I am starting to call " Video surfing the streets of, (enter name of SE Asian country here), apparent emphasis on prostitutes and go go clubs". You both present a very real, believable, taste of Viet Nam without all the fluff. I will use your vlogs as at least part of my guide to relocation in the coming years.

    Keep up the good work!!

  7. It’s really amazing to see how clean and litter-free Da Nang is compared to the Philippines where I lived for almost 3 years.

  8. My hometown Da Nang, and my husband is Vietnamese but Canadian Nationality , ,, we have lived in Da Nang for more than 13 years in this beautiful city, and we are very pleased and happy. THANK YOU for this video🖒

  9. Oh my! long story Live in Australia Brisbane, have some amazing mates and we play once a year in our little Golf, punting trip for points. The Most points in those events gets to keep a trophy! We have been playing this game for 13 years. This last September 2019 we went to Da nang Vietnam for our first international event, Via Hong Kong (3 days) We played at Ba na Hills, Montgomery links and Laguna Land Co. Did some Gambling at the 2 casinos, the smaller one being the best! We had the best time, myself personally was an exceptional time i loved it. The people are awesome beyond words, happy and carefree. I have been back only 2 weeks and cannot stop thinking about the place. Thank you for the video please send more. By the way i actually won the Trophy. 🙂

  10. Have to say im a little bit jealous, that's where I want to end up. You are brave scootering allready. Nice eats . Awesome job. Best of luck

  11. Support the James and bring more videos and can you tell us what jobs you have there working in a foreign country

  12. You moved the camera too quickly, and it made me dizzy. So I stopped watching the video. Sorry.

  13. please move your camera slowly, your video make us feel dizzy, are you first time be camerawoman ?

  14. DaNang is my fave city.. and the huge seafood restaurants across from the beach are THE BEST.. We ate at BeMan "B" every night we were there. Just got back on Monday from my 5th trip to Vietnam in 2 years and BeMan "B" has been closed for remodeling so we ate at BeMan "A". Just as tasty..

  15. I admired you both,talking about adventerous.and beautiful couple.probably blessed financially

  16. Are you paying $120 rent for a day or. A motnth.?
    Lobster in VN ARE WAy expensive than USA

  17. Love your vids but please no background music, just the sounds of the surrounds. Just got back from a 2 week motorbike ride of Vietnam and had two nights in Da Nang just loved it

  18. I just found and subscribed your channel. O love that you always show US prices comparison to Dong for whatever you bought. Thank you so much for sharing. Great videos. Keep up your good work.

  19. Nice one I love Vietnam enjoy ❤️ I been there every year for the last 10 years and still beautiful there

  20. Welcome to viet nam. Hopping you would love my country. By the way da nang is a nice place to live.✌🏻

  21. Hi nice guys, i'm new subscribers
    I enjoy your videos a lot
    Keep it up
    Wish you more and more subscribers
    Cheer haha

  22. I enjoyed your vlog, my wife from Da Nang, we visited there in 2016, but we're living in America. I love seafood so much that every time I go back I must have it. What is the name of that seafood place? Thanks

  23. 40'000 VND = 1.80 USD – do not change your money on a bank but with the gold dealer, you will get a better exchange rate!! I will also move to Vietnam when I am retired. Nice Video by the way

  24. Greetings from Hanoi ! Glad you both are enjoying Da Nang . For authentic sea food do try the row of makeshift seafood stalls on the way to Sontra beside the temple ( probably 1.5 km from Fusion Suites as a landmark on the cast road ) Head down to Minsk bar after dinner ( An Thuong 4 ) to chill and mix with a diverse crowd.

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