ULTIMATE New Orleans Food Tour and Swamp Tour | New Orleans Travel Guide [USA Road Trip]

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New Orleans Food Tour and Swamp Tour | New Orleans Travel Guide – USA Road Trip

? Where to eat in New Orleans? Best food in New Orleans?

Visiting New Orleans is not complete without a food tour and swamp tour! Walking around the french quarter and trying incredible foods has definitely been one of the highlights of this USA trip so far!

From the beignets to the Po’ boys to even the chargrilled oysters and tiny little crawfish, we indulged!! And the people were some of the warmest and friendliest we’ve met! We were also stoked to find a nice and affordable RV Park just 20 minutes away from the city center called Bayou Barataria RV Park! All in all New Orleans gets 10 out of 10 in our book!


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Hey! We’re Olivia and Nathan 👋🏽 A couple from California.

We met back in 2014 in Monterey, California. I (Olivia) was a senior in college & Nathan had recently moved back to the area after living in Italy.

After a few “deep life talks” (ones that were so foreign to me) and hearing about the lifestyle Nathan had been creating for himself for the last 6 years, I wanted to spend more time with him.

We started dating and I learned how he’d moved to Cambodia when he was 17, Germany when he was 18, Italy when he was 20, and was itching to travel again.

I was fascinated and wondered HOW THE HECK DID THIS GUY PAY FOR ALL OF THAT?

Nathan would work in California for 2 years, save every dollar he could, move abroad, find a job in that country, live there for 1-2 years and then do it all over again. Each time, he’d learn the language of that country, acquire new skills & make lifelong friends.

I was deeply inspired & wanted to travel with him. After 1 year of working our butts off and saving every dollar we could, we moved to Australia. We lived + worked there for 3 years (learned to speak perfect Australian lol) & created online jobs so we could continue traveling full-time.

We were traveling South America when covid hit, flew home and bought an RV to travel the US.

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  1. Come say Hi next time you are down in Nola! Our party boats aren't as loud and we still see plenty of wildlife.

  2. I'm hoping to head to New Orleans next month and I definitely want to try Cafe Beignet. My experiences at Cafe Du Monde were pretty good though. I visited several times on previous trips and I always tried to time it so that it wasn't as busy and I loved the beignets that I had.

    Also, what swamp tour company did you go with?

  3. Okay, you just became my new fav travel channel after like 4 vids..Ya'll dont understand…I'm obseessed . All your videos are fireee, and just makes me want to goo rn to my USA trip, but hopefully it will happen during this summer yeaah

  4. Next time you guys go to New Orleans, visit lorettas praline in the french market for there praline beignets. The best beignets I have ever had

  5. I actually worked at Cafe Du Monde and they do make their beignets from scratch and fry them fresh. New batches are made every ten minutes or as demand calls for them.

  6. The only thing I don't like about the Quarters is the little gangs of hustler's. E.G. I bet I know where you got your shoes Etc.

  7. This is why you don’t stand in the tourist line. You find a table that someone just got up from that still has powdered sugar and dishes all over it and you park yourself and wait patiently. Someone will come and clear the table and take your order.

  8. Acme is okay. But, Drago's was the first, and still the best, for char grilled oysters. They now have a site on Canal. The original Drago's was in Metairie, a suburb of NOLA on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

  9. Cafe Beignet is definitely superior to Cafe du Monde…been that way for years.

  10. Awesome video guys! We love New Orleans 😋 and completely agree cafe du monde’s beignet weren’t great the way they bulk make them isn’t fresh, the other ones y’all got looked amazing!

  11. Cafe du monde is a rip off, why anybody would wait in line for day old donuts is beyond me, jambalaya omelette and bloody Mary would be s better nola breakfast investment

  12. This seems to be a very charming place, I hope I can visit sometime in the future when all this is over. Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much!

  13. What gator company was that? It looks more exciting and you got to see more gators than others I have seen.

  14. Thanks for sharing! We are bringing our staff down in two weeks! We are so going to all of your suggestions!! Specially “The Benyei cafe!

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