TRAVELING SAPA FOR THE FIRST TIME 2021| Family Trip| Teresa Say Hi

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(This trip was before the outbreak in Hanoi)

Hi everyoneeeeee, welcome back to my channel. This time, I came back with a video about traveling. Although it was a short trip that lasted only 3 days 2 nights, I had a meaningful and relaxing time with my family.

Thank you for always staying here and supporting me. Love you so much 🧡💛🧡💛

Stay safe and healthy

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  1. Ủa ròi tự nhiên vô phòng tắm quay cái wc🤧🤣🤣🤣

  2. omg, Sapa's gonna be one of the top tourist areas on the checklist that I can't miss on my vacation. 11:05 she's funny :)). This trip made me wanna travel for the vacation. Unfortunately, we are in Covid isolation so it's difficult to book a holiday destination for the family. oh, I recommend that you shouldn't film on the ground (the road) many times and move the camera in many scenes (not fixed 1 place). It will confuse the viewer and there is more to us to watch than the ground. This is my opinion 🙂 The video is good and great, thank you for bringing Sapa to us. Love you!

  3. Chị ngọc nói tiếng anh đỉnh thật sự, ánh nó pr kênh của chị vs bọn e đó 😂

  4. Thiệc sự trước giờ nhìn Ngọc tớ ấn tượng nhất là gò má của cậu luôn 😀

  5. Đi thích thật đấy. Mà giọng tiếng Anh của Ngọc khác trong trí nhớ của tớ :v

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