The Dazas explore Nha Trang's tastiest Street Food | FoodPrints Season 7

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The Daza foodies are still sailing the high seas, and their next port of call is the coastal city of Nha Trang. Here, they find the most exciting street eats in the most unassuming holes-in-the-wall. Banh can, banh xeo, bun bo, boom!

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  1. Banh Can is underated , maybe it's because it's hard to find a decent Banh Can place out of Nha Trang

  2. I used to watch your show a long time ago in the Philippines. And i am so happy to see you on you tube. Your children are all beautiful. Congrats n more power!

  3. I Love Love watching your vlogging FOOD PRINTS ….Sandy…..Mabuhay ka and Family Tour….Food Prints frm.Toronto fflower….

  4. Chef daza’s cooking is easy to follow and nice family bonding but I wonder where’s he’s wife, it’s always him with his teenager.

  5. Turs is very present… hes mind is not wandering somewhere out there., and i like this vid

  6. Chef yong boss ko ngayon dto sa manila is vietnamese she tech me how to cook that second pancake that you ate, yong pancake nila may coconut milk at tumeric powder.
    At yong sauce nila amazing ang sarap,
    Combination of, vietnamese patis,lemon,sugar,mince garlic,chopped chili,kunting hot water,salt,and i add kalamansi juice for my own taste kasi feeling ko mas masarap pa pag may kalamansi.

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