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, famous seafood city in Vietnam,
I decided to make a video treating only two of them,
Ban Xeo (from Nha Trang) is a vietnamese pancake, fill with shrimps and a whole small squid, usually the Banh Xeo is made from rice batter, on this stall this pancake is a special egg mixture.
Come along with any Banh Xeo, Nuoc Mam, this fish sauce gives this salty flavour to the crepe, sugar inside the sauce gives this sweet punch, unique and very nice snack to eat all around Vietnam.
Barbecue Shells (So Long Nuong), the basic one to try when travelled to Nha Trang, this shells aren’t so different from westerns countries by itself,
the sauce and toppings adding to it makes everything, crushed peanuts and oil dill on top deliver an amazing texture to the shell.
The sauce here is a chilli sweet sauce based on lime zest, dill and salt, special from Nha Trang, most of the time this is a green sauce, the red one is less spicy but still.

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  1. je vous suivrais peut etre si elle n'etait pas anorexique mais la vraiment c'est répugnant car bcp trop limite

  2. Mai thanks for wonderful video! You need to fatten up with those delicious dishes.

  3. you are so beautifull. could i meet you when i come nha trang ? i love nha trang too much

  4. J'aimerai tester le ban xeo mais je mange pas de porc est ce que tu connais des endroits qui le font que avec des crevettes ou végé

  5. Sorry, she is beautiful but she looks like she just came out of auschwitz. No offense.

  6. Why do you people have to body shame Mai? Maybe she just has a fast metabolism. She obviously eats, all her videos is of food.

    Mai you are beautiful the way are. Please don't listen to these people.

    Keep up the great work. I enjoy your videos greatly. This is the second best Vietnam vlog, right after Kyle Le and on par with Yevato Old Boy

  7. Hey Mai kerivel hello from Germany ;(. I see your Videos and i'm missing vietnam. Iam so gar away. U live in vietnam? See ya Ngoc Thy

  8. Mai, listen to me ok. Please eat and eat a lot of food every day. Vietnamese foods will fatten you up pretty quick. Your body can use at least 20 lbs. You would look great, and yes, will have a lot more subscribers. I am dead serious.

  9. OMG, sweety, looks like you need to eat more of those banh xeo. in fact, have about 100 of them, my treat. please do not starve yourself.

  10. ban lai nguoi nuoc nao vay, du sao cung cam on ban vi da chiu co gang hoc tieng viet, cho ban an oc gan phong tap gym toi tap, hy vong ban co ve nha trang lan nua nhe

  11. You are a very very very beautiful woman. Please get help because we want to see more video from you in the future.

  12. Your videos of all this food is making me really hungry and jealous Mai :p
    Will you be doing street food videos in other cities like Ho Chi Minh City or just in Nha Trang?

  13. I like your your style of film making, it's down to earth and a lot more about the local things you happen to pass by; unlike those who have a predilection to record themselves enjoying the things, seriously, I'll be the judge of where is the best Pho in town, thank you very much, LOL.

  14. Bonjour Mai,
    Je suis abonné et voudrais mieux te connaître : âge, études/formation, depuis quand tu es à Nha Trang, pour combien de temps et tes projets à venir. Merci et bonne continuation !

  15. J'aime tes vidéos! 🙂 moi je suis Vietnamien-Américain. Pour quoi tu parles pas en français? 🙂

  16. super ma doudoune ravi pour toi que tu fasse des video et que ca plaise aux gens . 😘

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