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Most of this video was filmed prior to the latest outbreaks of COVID in Vietnam. My intention was simply to create a video about visiting the local markets of Da Nang. Before I was to complete it the country, including Da Nang, was once again taking measures to contain the pandemic. A complete video of my original idea was out of the question so I decided to just show what I had intended to create and what the reality of life is like currently in Da nang. Although the measurements were swift and strong, as in the past, they do tend to gain favorable results. Of course in the future I know I’ll have more opportunity to revisit these markets but to be quite frank, I think it was important to share what happened here, as there are currently similar conditions in Southeast Asia and of course throughout most of Asia and the rest of the world. Up until quite recently I felt like I was living in a bubble with little to no local community cases reported in Ho Chi Minh City and here. I certainly do feel that way now, but I am grateful for what seems to be the best measures to contain the situation.
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  1. Bây giờ việt nam mo của không còn cách ly ai cũng đến việt nam du lịch mình ba năm rồi chưa về xem líp nhớ quê nhà 🏠

  2. Another "travel channel" quality video about Vietnam. I have come back to Vietnam a few times to visit my relatives in Ho Chi Minh city, but have not been to Da Nang.. This central city will be on my list next time I visit Vietnam.

  3. Hello all – I am planning to visit Danang in November 2022. For 4 months. I am coming from Canada. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Take care. I enjoyed the video.

  4. I was a REAL EXPAT 2009-2016 Then ran back to the USA…just in time to be hit by Covid !! Thanks China😷

  5. Love your video. It’s so heartbreaking to see the pandemic has taken so many lifes, economically and the total destruction of everyday way of life. Your descriptions, observations and thoughts are so uplifting at the end. Hope is the only thing that keep humans together we will go through this all together.
    Next time if I’m lucky, I will ask Thich Nhat Hanh that Karma usually is the thing that can be the result of one’s own action. In this pandemic case, it has happened before that action can take place. How do we interpret this??

  6. Just subscribed. When Covid is more under control and Vietnam opens up, We are heading back to Vietnam for another 3 month stay. Checking out Nha Trang next time. We had 2 months in Danang and loved each and every day. 4 months later, Delta strain hit big time but vaccination rates in Australia are climbing and we are heading back to a more normal from 1st Nov.

  7. Good work. I was in Danang back in 1969 with the Air Force. Only stayed on Base due to curfew. Where there someone you hired to video tape you while walking thru the wet market?

  8. Great job as always John , objective down to earth informative . Keep us informed and entertained with your videos from Asia .

  9. by the way , how is your hight 😂 ? that was incredibly some locals tease on your hight 🤣

  10. The missus and I were supposed to visit Da Nang, Hoi and Saigon last April. It was supposed to be a personal pilgrimage to China Beach. We made a decision in February to "postpone" the trip. 15 months later and that postponement took on an "indefinite" tone. Dum Spiro Spero.
    The video was a stark reminder of what once was, may never fully return.

  11. It looks like you are holding a selfie stick but the stick doesn’t appear in the video! How is that possible? Also, I love your video! Thanks for sharing. Stay safe!

  12. It's a great video, your voice makes me feel like you are from National Geographic or some other Travel Channel. The quality of the video is superb also. Stay safe Mr. Saboe

  13. Hello John! I'm VietNamese and I live in Vĩnh Long – The province in the west of Vietnam. Many thanks for you to introduce Đà Nẵng for the foreign people and the local people that can't visit Đà Nẵng like me. Keeping working and enjoying cuisine in Viet Nam. +1 Subscribe for you!!!

  14. Your voice is fantastic. You could film a riverside tour, along Han riverside and Co Co riverside, too, some views is so beautiful.

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