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Discover the art of cuisine and the real Saigon way of life!Experience Saigon nightlife just like if were to live here. We would like to give
you the opportunity to experience nightlife exactly as the inhabitants of Saigon.We’ll take you to different places to show you unusual faces of the city. Of course you will see the main avenues and monuments nicely lighted at night, but we will take you as well to other vibrant areas, animated streets, secrets places or up to date addresses of the nightlife.On another hand, we make this extraordinary tour for you to enjoy an unexpected local gastronomic experience! Sorry to disappoint you if you’re expecting us to take you to places that are touristy; instead, you will discover the favorite places where the locals, Saigon inhabitants like to go at night for a dinner with friends or relatives. In this place, you will be able to taste the real cuisine of the South.After dinner, you will be invited for a night city tour to admire the most magnificent French colonial monuments of the city. Recently, the municipalities of Saigon have decided to light brilliantly at night (opera, former city-hall, post-office). Stops will be managed in front of those buildings for night-photos.
Then, we will drive you downtown to for an unexpected night-bar on top of one of the skyscrapers. From this point you’ll be able to admire a breathtaking view on the Saigon skyline with all its skyscrapers brightly lighted and avenues full of traffic.We design “Jeep tour- Saigon by Night” – a city of pleasure and happiness – because we care for your SAFETY as the traffic downtown might seem unsafe to you with so many scooters, cross-overs and noisy motorcycles, so travelling by Jeep is the safest and the most comfortable way for you, with open-air view you can easy to take photos, capture unique moments. That makes us different to other tours.
We also care about your TIME and EXPERIENCE, therefore, this offer will last only 4 hours for you to enjoy all the faces of the night life of Saigon, the most unexpected places, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, to share the true life of Saigon inhabitants by the time of an evening. And for the « night birds » you can even plan to continue that night in a local discothèque and enjoy to meet young Vietnamese people next to the dance-floor for fun… We promise a unique and exciting experience.
If you wish us to tailor your private tour, please contact us only half day in advance; you are in good hands now!

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Contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: + 84 (0) 839 434 606 or +84913381109
Address: No 71 CoGiang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

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