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Since 1994, Griswald’s Vietnamese Vacations & our Kangaroo Café (with the trade mark protected name) has been the leader in Genuine, small group travel within Viet Nam for Singles, Couples, Small Groups & Families.

We’re still the most copied tour company in Viet Nam & apparently for good reason too !!!

A Cafe & Tour Operator (not just a ticket seller), we’re at 18 Bao Khanh St Ha Noi & just around the corner from the ANZ bank.

In our Café we serve Vietnamese, Vegetarian & Western food as well as real Vietnamese Coffee & the coldest beer in Viet nam & at local prices too.

We operate reasonably priced, genuine, small group tours to Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa & beyond for those who’d like a bit more than the usual Hotel Tour fare.

Please check us out on any of our various web sites;


Here at You Tube;




We’re on Face book too;


Link gốc video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CM_594bWTY

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Đăng lại bởi: https://chothuexe123.com

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