Incredible EGG COFFEE!! MUST-HAVE Street Food in Da Nang, VIETNAM | Eating Out MUKBANG |Happy Eating

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In this video, I had a chance to explore a tucked away coffee shop right in the heart of Da Nang, Vietnam. Their menu was extensive & it was hard to choose at first but I opted for a local favorite – EGG COFFEE!! WOWZA! Then we headed to the afternoon local market & explored some AWESOME . Ready? Let’s EAT!!!

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  1. Do you know that? That your smile is my energy…🤗💗 I'm so happy to see you eat💗

  2. Your energy level is soooo high makes me watch more of your videos- thanks for sharing this mmmm I’m full now just by looking at you eat

  3. Your energy is so nice!! And your excitement it's contagious!! I just subscribed 💕 Thank you for showing us your food adventures and delicious food 🥰✨❤️💕

  4. I can't drink coffee but that looks good
    oh my, i'm craving for some bánh beo and banh căn

    How long are you going to be in Vn? Stay safe dear

  5. When I see your video I wanna travel so much. Thanks for the sharing 😉🥰

  6. I love street food!!!
    Looks so delicious!!! Amazing place!!
    Good sharing ❣❣

  7. 53 likes 💞💞 thank you my friend 💞. Stay connected 💞 thank you so much 💕

  8. น่าอร่อยค่ะ🙏😋 hello.

  9. I sooo envy you sis, so far all of the foods you've shown are my fav because I love Vietnamese foods 😋😋

  10. Review hay lắm bạn, rất vui được làm quen. Tiếng Anh của bạn tốt quá 760 for you🤝

  11. Omg I really need Vietnamese foods god… there're lots of yummy foods in this video!!!! Wonderful Street food!!! Totally MUST-HAVE!

  12. Em cũng thích uống caphe trứng, hôm qua mới được uống luôn hehe.. chị về Việt Nam vui quá!!!

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