Ha Noi – Sapa – Autumn 2012: TOGETHER ALONE TRIP

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Mid – Autumn 2012
This is a video of the great 6 days trip of the 6 of us – the “Together Alone” (TA) team – filming in Hanoi and Sapa.
(But not anymore, there is 1 left the team :D).
Every second of the clip makes me miss these days and us like a lot.
It reminds me how infinite we were at that time, on the trip together.
Feeling like absolutely free, nothing can control what we want to do, no one can judge the way we speak, we sing, we drink, we hang over.
At that moment, we are invincible!

Hanoi day and night.
Over eating with the delicious food from the North of Vietnam.
Discover the streets.
Nice dress and leisure mind made the trip become unforgetable.

Full Moon Festival in Sapa.
Crazy shopping the handicraft made by the minority.
Sing and sing and sing.
Dance and dance and dance.
Drink and drink and drink.
Because the weather was so cool.
Because we felt good all day.
On motorbike riding every where like the natives.

Today, when uploading the this clip, it’s one day after the Full Moon Festival 2013, so it’s a whole year after this fantastic trip to Hanoi – Sapa.
I realized that we will never be young like this anymore.
But I think together, we could be!

Link gốc video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AAgpWXCJfU

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