DESSERT TOUR in Da Nang, Vietnam – Eating Kilogram Ice-cream + Silkworm Cakes | Helen's Recipes

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Join me and fellow Youtubers Joe Hattab and Sophie Kim to sample the best dessert snacks in Da Nang, Vietnam. We tried many different sweet soups, Viet cupcakes, kilogram ice-cream, silkworm cakes and more!

– Viet cupcakes and donuts at Chợ Chiều
– Combo bean sweet soup at Chè Xuân Trang (31 Lê Duẩn)
– Kilogram ice-cream – Kem Ký (10 Tran Quoc Toan)
– Coconut Jelly (196 Bach Dang)
– Banana pudding, mixed jelly, avocado smoothie, silkworm cakes at Chợ Cồn

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  1. Hi Helen, I really enjoy all your shows. That Korean girl was annoying. If she is not a foodie, she shouldn’t be doing this kind of show. This is about open your palette and experience other cultures and food is part of it. I agree with you about the hard work all these street vendors put into their food and charge very little. Every time I’m in Vietnam, I make it a point to eat from street food vendors. They are delicious. Definitely taste better than eating in most restaurants.

  2. I can't stand this Sophie chick! She always asks a she's about to put cyanide in her mouth! If you're going to be that squeamish about food then don't come on a food review show.

    I love your channel Helen! I was so excited when I saw you did a food blog this time but that Sophie chick ruined it and I had to stop watching halfway.

  3. Helen, you scared them with frogs! Picky eaters: Don't go visit Helen! On the other hand, we don't see much on YouTube about Vietnamese sweets and desserts.

  4. Did you or anyone in your group experience any diarrhea after drinking anything with ice in it either on the street or in a restaurant? Was the ice made from uncooked water which was contaminated with bacteria, right?


  5. Sophie and Joe Suck. Especially Sophie, they really bring down the show and it's actually an insult to the Vietnamese food culture because she comes off like such a disingenuous (Snot.) You work too hard on your show to have guests like this, don't feel bad to take a stand and pass on them, this Sophie woman hurts your reputation.

  6. I only liked the video because Helen and food is in it. Like most people said, that Korean chick wasn't particularly nice to watch. Definitely not subscribing to her channel. Her reaction to the food was just rude. Those facial expressions really killed it.

  7. Can’t finish watching this clip so annoyed by the Korean girl stopped at 2:21 minutes into the clip.

  8. Helen has such a warm personality …. this is why I have been a fan for so long …. I wish her continues success on her YouTube channel ….

  9. that Sophie acted like she doesn't know anything, but she's just very smart, so she gets to eat more. Damn you are good.

  10. rau cau dua was my favorite thing when i went to visit Vietnam 2 years ago… I MISS IT

  11. Since i saw the Korean girl in this video at the beginning, no longer interested to watch this.

  12. Ha funny editing. I like these tour videos.
    Also, to the people in the comments – so what if you don't agree with the way Sophie bluntly expresses her opinion. No need to insult.

  13. If I have nothing good to say, I should say nothing. So I am not going to say anything

  14. I normally don't like to comment negatively, but I went to Sophie's channel and watched some of her vidoes. She does seem different on Helen's videos… She seems to be rude and fake with her expressions when trying the food.

  15. The Korean girl said she love the food but keep making face while eating them. Stop being fake!!!

  16. The Korean girl is really embarrassment for most Korean. I knew many Korean and definitely nothing like her. She should stop blogging and stay behind the camera…and probably just only eat Korean food. She's also being very rude and spoil brat. Don't bother to try other food country if you not being open minded. Helen being very nice to her and she kept complaining about the food. Too bad that she is not being grateful …at all. Shame on you!!!

  17. Im so sad when i have to watch Sophie face react to all the food. Those her surprised faces make me annoyed, thats fake. She should behave on her own age and truly live with herself.

  18. I m your new subscribers 238 plz subscribers my channel and promote each other thanks

  19. I was nearly drooling watching this video and yet the guests you were so graciously touring around didn’t seem to care where they were? So strange for a pair of food bloggers to be such food prudes.

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