Anthony Bourdain dinner Bun Cha with US President Barack Obama in Hanoi Vietnam

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Bun Cha is one of the best in Hanoi (Vietnam). Anthony Bourdain, a very famous gourmet expert wellknown over the world had told about the dinner with former US President Barack Obama. The main food of this dinner is Bun Cha in a street food restaurant in Hanoi.

Video tổng thống Obama ăn tại Hà Nội cùng đầu bếp nổi tiếng bạc mệnh Anthony Bourdain.

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  1. Not an Obama fan but he’s so great at speaking. Even in this sort of setting. Guess thats how he got away with everything he did and continues to do.

  2. im sorry but nobody in vietnam actually eats bun cha for dinner , its perfect for lunch only and it should stay that way lol

  3. Legend Chef!!! Bourdain!!! We miss you a lot!!!!
    Which Chef has the chance to eat along with the president!!! Ffs!!!


  4. Plot Twist: The secret service got all its Asian American agents to fill the restaurant up.

  5. I always found that Anthony had same way of talking and almost same voice as barack

  6. I remember seeing that the restaurant still has the same bowls, chairs, beers, chopsticks etc set up where they ate

  7. As a Vietnamese myself, never thought that after Obama visit here and then Trump became the new president of America…. I'm not gonna lie, its been 2 years already
    Time…goes fast!

  8. Funny how the people eating in the restaurant pretending that nothing out of the normal is happening

  9. When he was asking him about his daughter saying “will she be able to come here in 5/10 years”…. damn so much has changed rip

  10. "Parts in the world where things are terrible". Like in the USA. So many terrible things over there too! People act like Obama did not throw drones bombs on some countries. They are all crazy maniacs. Who want to be the president of the USA?! Power hungry maniacs.

  11. "Progress is not a straight line" – Barack Obama. Gonna keep that words in mind 🙂

  12. I watch this clip every few months when I need a good cry. What good times we lost.

  13. How did the people around’em kept their cool?! Lol! As if it was just tow guys enjoying their meal.

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