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Amazing Traditional . Today we tried some amazing traditional Georgian food at a restaurant in Tbilisi that specializes in some of the best traditional food you can find in Georgia.

As we continue our Georgian food tour, we try some amazing traditional Georgian food at Sabatono. Sabatono is a restaurant here in Tbilisi that has been on our Georgian food tour list for some time. Today we tried kharcho, ajapsandali, walnut stuffed trout, and a few other amazing traditional Georgian foods that are staples of Georgian cuisine.

The food here so far in Tbilisi is absolutely amazing and unbelievably tasty, each dish is so unique and packed with flavour! So come with us on our Georgian food tour and find out what truly amazing traditional Georgian food is out there!


Places we visited:

Name: Sabatono
Address: 30 Alexander Griboedov St, Tbilisi, Georgia
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Hey there, we’re Chris and Steph, an adventurous couple in search of trying out all the amazing food the world has to offer! We believe the ultimate best way to experience a culture is through their food and the people that you share it with.

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On this channel, we’ll share with you our love of trying new and interesting foods, while experiencing different cultures and street food around the world. We hope you enjoy our food tour videos and follow along with us as we explore the globe, stepping out of our comfort zone to try new foods and be adventurous.


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  2. Haha this is my husband and I behind you on the video))) we were curious to see who were you and what you gonna say about Sabatono )))

  3. Great video! You guys should continue traveling the Caucasus ( Up north! Like Chechnya or Dagestan) 👍🤍

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