What To Eat In Amsterdam (24 Hour Food Tour)

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In this 24 Hour Amsterdam Food Tour, I’m going to show you WHAT TO EAT and WHERE TO EAT in Amsterdam, . From the best street food in Amsterdam to some of my favorite Amsterdam restaurants, I’ll show you where to find the best Amsterdam food, starting at the Amsterdam markets. From the Amsterdam Flower Market (Bloemenmarkt) to Albert Cuyp Market and Foodhallen Amsterdam, I’m going to show you some of the absolute MUST VISIT markets in Amsterdam. From there, I’ll take you to an incredible Amsterdam restaurant for classic Dutch cuisine in the local Surinamese neighborhood of Amsterdam. If you want to know , then this Amsterdam vlog is for you!

You can get my exact Amsterdam itinerary in this video plus a few extras that didn’t make the cut! You will get all the info on where I stayed, what I did, where I ate and what I ate, with helpful links to websites as well as walking and driving directions that will help you easily follow my footsteps through Amsterdam.

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  1. We were just there this month. We loved Foodhallen, especially the Gin & Tonic bar! Thanks for the advice, Mark!

  2. Hello, I am from Palestine, I am 27 years old, single. My dream is to travel please help me. I do not like troubles. I want to live and work. I want to marry

  3. Yes, Im late to the party. But wait, WHAT!? A bullet in the rabbit is normal? So many questions. Who’s picking up my new crown tab? Did the server warn you about this? This is a high end joint rite? And lastly is that BUCKSHOT!?! What kind of bullet , hitting the saddle part of the rabbit (which runs along the very top of the back, kills said meal? What is going on here? Hey but your a delight to watch! I just wish you hadn’t responded with “thats kool” and were horrified instead!

  4. Great video! Very good choice to visit the foodhallen. Tnx for making such a nice portrait of our capital.

  5. Cointreau is NOT Grand Marnier, it's Amsterdam and NOT EMSTERDEM (you can say America Africa, Alaska) and I don't pronounce your capitol like Was Hing Ton (a North Korean village)

  6. wow love it I would go there its clean and beautifull and the food wow,wow,wow

  7. I love your channel thank you! I would love to see a recap video of all your favorite all time meals in your favorite places!

  8. Loved this video! Shows that I really missed out when I went to Amsterdam…looks like I’m due another visit 😂

  9. The Foodhallen Market is extremely dangerous place all that great food in one place….and yes we ate from every stall. Oh man this should be a number one video to watch. Well done good sir well done!!! I like the solo traveling, but I'm still Team Ana!!!!🎉🎉🎉 Got only three peps today to check out the Amsterdam series more please.

  10. 2:17 Foodhallen, good but normally much more crowded, no seating area, and smelly as the exhaust of all that street food is very poor.

  11. 0:15. world (IN !!) famous flower market as tests revealed that 100% of the tulip bulbs sold there are not (!) blooming.

  12. Amsterdam is an absolute must see and taste on the European bucket list. Thanks for all the useful info. Another great vlog, well done.

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