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Thanks, Mr Pile and friends for traveling with us!
[ Northwest Vietnam Dirt Motorcycle Tour 7-Day ]
This 7-day #Vietnam Offroad # Tour to Sapa via Mai Chau, Son La, Lai Chau will be started from Hanoi then keep riding on off-beaten tracks over Mai Chau, Phu Yen, Son La, Muong Lay, Lai Chau, Sapa, Lao Cai, where are known as the most typical exciting places for adventure motorbiking trips. You’ll be enchanted with a plenty of unique traditions habits, cultures of hilltribes …
⚡ We can make your adventure special !!!! 😎😎
This trip is for you❗
〽 Spend the day on both Sealed & Off roads and enjoy friendly homestay ambiences with the locals plus our new CRF Bikes.
❗⚡ #UNBELIEVABLE_PRICES and everyone can go.
⚠ ⚡ 100% Certified & Top Services
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☎️ Call our hotline/Whatsapp: +84 904 124 997 (Mr Dong)
IG: @indochinamotorbiketours

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