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#vegantravel #vietnam #veganfooduk Vegan Saigon Food Guide | BEST VEGAN FOOD VIETNAM

Watch us do a vegan tour of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam; our vegan food adventure.

Ho Chi Minh City really is a vegan paradise! We come across so many amazing but different plant-based foods

(SPONSORED VIDEO) A British Thai food company, called Thai Taste, sent us on a mission to go and discover what vegan food we can find in Bangkok, one of the world’s most hectic cities!

Thai Taste can be found in major supermarkets, such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and independent retailers. They have over 40 vegan products in their range (although their whole range isnt vegan), from vegan fish sauce, curry pastes and meal kits.

Everything we ate on this video was researched or we were told by local vegans to go check it out. We double, triple checked that everything we ate was vegan, most of the time asking the chef or cook to list the ingredients.

(We filmed this video many weeks ago, around the time Coronavirus was emerging and when travel was deemed safe. We do not advise travel now, please check the Foreign Office website)


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  1. Pho – not pronounced as FO or PO – Prouounce it as fuh with emphasis going up at the end

  2. Plzz visit India whenever u get chance….u will get lots of vagen dish here..😊😊😊

  3. You have to try the pudding . Vietnamese pudding have so many different type of flavor.

  4. Hi, do you remember the name of the place that you were going to at 6:01 ? The food looked so appetizing. <3

  5. I'd love to go, but my husband is gluten free and I'm not sure how he'd be able to eat anything. ☹️

  6. I recall going to the street food market in Saigon as my last stop in vietnam and glad I able to find some lol.

  7. I wonder if the vegan shredded pork roll was made with jackfruit? Jackfruit tastes like pork when cooked and seasoned, and has a stringy, meaty texture

  8. Hey you guys! I absolutely L O V E your channel and vibe! YES! I am a fully raw vegan traveller – and even though much of the food presented in your travel videos aren’t for me, I LOVE that it is vegan, compassionate and available! Yesssss. I grew up travelling SE Asia, I was chilling multiple afternoons at Ethos 3 years ago, and I love the information you are providing in your videos. Spot on and so useful! The last two days I have been binge watching your Asia Travel videos, feeling so uplifted and inspired! I hope I will see much more vegan travel footage from you! Lots of love from a World travelling dane currently in Greece ❤️ IG @annawacker
    – and Saigon truly is a WILD place!!! I travelled Vietnam years ago and it was i incredible!

  9. thx. . wife and i are vegan (as well as our toddler–altho compulsorily so), and we were wondering what it was like here for vegans.

    alsoat 15:16 is that full body massage for 220 or 220,000 dong? also, were u guys this lively prior to traveling? im only wondering cuz i feel stuck in a rut and hate my life and thinkin traveling might be the fix

  10. Thank you for this channel. For people like myself who want to keep the Bibles dietary laws this channel is really helpful!

  11. Frankly speaking, the options for vegan in Hcm seem more than Hanoi but I still like the taste in Hanoi more

  12. The vegan fish sauce in VN is really vegan .The restaurants which serve vegan foods , won't lie to you because they are Buddhist and it's a big sin to lie to the customers when they put some non vegan ingredients in their foods . Vegan fish sauce is quiet easy to make .
    In VN every 1st and 15th day of each month of the lunar calendar , people specially the Buddhism followers eat vegan , in order not to kill any animal

  13. your videos are so informative and you went to a lot of places 🙂 subscribed!

  14. Yay, you guys did great. Love it. I haven't been back to Vietnam in ~ 36 years. But you've given me hopes by showing all those wonderful Vegan places in HCMC. Thank you! 🥰

  15. I'm from Vietnam, I'm also a vegan, I feel happy when you make a video about Vietnamese vegan dishes.I smiled throughout the whole video.Amazing video, awesome food, thank you for your sharing😍😘👍

  16. Rất ngon(very delicious, taste), rất tốt(very good), vegan(đồ chay). There is some vegan buffet in HCM City, some for main course everyday with low cost and special places you can eat as much as you can(like buffet)but you just pay as you want(depend your heart).

  17. Thanks for a fantastic and inpsirational review. You should do a mainstream tv show! Vietanam sounds incredible for vegans.
    That guy…"vegan….because animals", Ruc Do!
    Id love to eat at Filthy Vegan.
    I had no idea there are 43 products in the Thai Paste range, but ive been using a few of them for years, they're great quality and make good cooking easy.

  18. Hey! I used to live in HCMC and this video brought me back to some of my fave places. You captured the city beautifully. Just wanted to let you know that mostly everyone in Vietnam eats vegan twice a month, so that’s why there’s so many vegan places. Some people are vegan 100% of the time but as time has passed, a lot of people have moved on to just twice a month for the Buddhist holidays within the lunar month. If you’re in a vegan restaurant and it’s RAMMED as it was in that last part, most likely you’ve come on one of those days 😊

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