Things to do in Da Nang: Top Street food

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Vietnam is widely known for its amazing . Da Nang is no different and this video will show you the best choices of street food to eat when you are in Da Nang.

The first dish I try is Xoi Ga or . It’s the perfect meal for breakfast.

The second food I show is Mi Quang noodles, a specialty named after Quang province around Da Nang. The noodles are mixed with a very savory broth containing frog, chicken, fish, pork, egg, shrimp, etc. The fresh vegetables and banana flower leaves give it a lighter texture.

Banh Xeo is the third food on our list and can be described as a crispy pancake containing soy beans, shrimps, beef and some more ingredients. They are eaten together with salad, cucumber and young banana slices or with pork skewers as well. The sauce used with Banh Xeo is based on pork liver and is simply delicious.

To finish off the video I suggest a common dessert in Da Nang, called Rau Cau Dua or coconut jelly. It cools you off on a hot afternoon.

If you have any questions about the food, simply hit the comment section or send me a message! Don’t forget to subscribe if you’re looking for more videos on Vietnamese food!

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  1. hey! i just want to know where would be a good area to walk around for with lots of eateries?

  2. Can you list the names and locations of the restaurants you visit?

    For example I would like to know name and location for the best banh xeo. Thank you.

    For those that don't know, banh xeo is a crispy and savory crepe. Not sweet at all. It is delicious.

  3. em nghi khi nào chị thêm giá cả vào cho người nước ngoài họ an tâm ạ

  4. Always thumb up without address, it is meaningless videos without knowing where it is.

  5. Hi Emmy
    I'm in Danang right now can you tell me the best places to eat Banh Xeo Bun thit nuong Banh beo etc?
    Thanks so much

  6. Hello Emmy.Thanks for about your clip,I live in Da nang,I really like it.Where are you from ,Emmy?

  7. I gave it a try lthis summer ! Very tastefull. Very informative video. I ready like to follow Your video's, the reason : I also like food, Vietnamese food ! Thnx Emmy

  8. Very informative and great quality 👍🏻 The food looked Amazing and would love to try some sometime

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