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It’s Sunday, come walk with me in Da Nang City, including a peek into the famous . The street food vendors are out, as well as the flower sellers.

Throw on some 🎧 and settle in for a slow and relaxing Sunday morning in Da Nang.

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00:00 43 Factory Coffee Roaster
00:59 Motorcycle ride into the city
01:49 Flower vendors
03:12 Street food
04:12 Han Market tour
08:24 Chin Meshi Dragon
09:43 Home with flowers

We start the morning off with coffee and pastries at a popular café near the beach. My friend is visiting from Saigon, check out her instagram: @veganwith_nu. After we DEMOLISH the sweet treats, I get a motorcycle taxi over the Dragon Bridge to the heart of the city to pick up flowers.

While we’re there, let’s walk through the venerable aisles of Han Market — one of the major vendor markets in Da Nang. Normally it would be packed, and traders would be lively. These days it is so quiet, almost…serene. Vendors seem to be lounging around. Waiting. Lots of waiting.

You can get just about anything here: clothes, fabric, jewelry, prepared food as well as groceries. Also: paper offerings for your ancestors and pretty much anything you need for fishing!

Next we check out the lunch scene on the street. Lunch happens early here. We end up with a piping hot bowl of seafood ramen at my favorite Japanese noodle house. Be warned: this segment will make you crave noodles so bad!

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Well, this is Sunday in Da Nang. What do you think? I’m so glad you came along!

I’ll see you in my next video, until well.

I’ll be showing you more daily life scenes from around Da Nang, so stay tuned!

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  1. Nice slice of daily life video. Coffee! Okay, now I will have to make my own, and pull out a tasty homemade sweet to go with it later on. When you asked about what foods we see, I think there may have been dried apricots in one jar? Or is that another type of fruit? It is quite amazing to see the covered market so empty. Do those vendors get any business? Does the VN government provide financial support since their primary means of revenue is most likely tourism? That ramen looks delicious. Seems a nice little lunch place. Thank You for the peek into the day to day there. : )

  2. I have a weakness for baked goods so thanks for the tease? Now I will have to jog to the city market instead of erase the guilt! Well done!

  3. So soothing and therapeutic as always. Btw, did you buy anything at Market even it's just a tour for us?

  4. I really want to go to Danang soon! When Vietnam will open county for tourists?

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