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In our second day touring the food scene of Roma and our Neighborhood we took a private food tour with Eating Rome, our Tour Guide Arturo was AH-Mazing!!

We also explored Restaurante Da Francesco in Rome, after watching Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis on their Discovery + Show. They said it is a must come to place to try the Four Authentic Roman Pastas. We went, we ate, we conquered!!!! Thought that was a very Roman statement, corny, but Roman!

Bet you can NOT feel hungry after watching this whole video!!!

0:00 Intro
1:55 Heading to Trastevere Food Tour
2:46 Traveler Food Pro Tip
4:56 Getting the Eating Europe Food Tour Started
5:36 Meet Our Guide Arturo with Eating Europe Trastevere
6:05 Random Mezcal Shot to Start
7:30 “La Norcineria di lacozzilli” Best Porchetta
10:07 Dinner at “Casa Mia” Amatriciana Pasta
10:52 Gelato at “The Desserts of Checco Er Carettiere”
12:11 Digestivo End of Food Tour
13:18 Next Day
15:12 Heading to Dinner at “Da Francesco”
17:07 Bobby Flay’s Sommelier when he was in Italy from Bobby and Giada Discovery + Show in Italy
18:40 Four Main Roman Pasta’s
20:16 Our First Caccio e Pepe and Fettuccine Gricia
21:59 Main Course (Black Truffle Meatballs)
22:58 Closing- Follow our Travsessed Podcast
24:47 Bloopers

Restaurant’s in Video

From Trastevere Food Tour:
“La Norcineria di lacozzilli”- Porchetta
“Pizzeria la boccaccia” – Roman Pizza
“Bar San Calisto” -Local Bar (Drinks) Good Italian Breakfast (Locals Spot)
“Checco Er Carettiere” – Street Food Take-away, but also really good restaurant
“Casa Mia” – Amatriciana Pasta AHHH-MAZING!!
“The Desserts of Checco Er Carettiere” – Great Local Gelato Place-Dessert Part of Restaurant listed above.


2nd Part of Video Dinner Out for Pasta
“Da Francesco”
Piazza del Fico, 29, 00186 Roma

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  1. Loved your video! So helpful and informative… all the best with this channel. Excited for content to come!! The tips were so thoughtful.

  2. Wow! What do you call the feeling when you feel like going up to two strangers and hugging and kissing them? That’s how I feel. I wish I could crawl into your backpack and go on this journey.

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  3. Great to hear u guys doing a year holiday around the world.Great video about Rome🙏👌🙏just in case u guys coming to Malaysia,here a link video about local tribe food from Sarawak Borneo Island 👌ok have a safe holiday 🙏

  4. LOL name-dropping Bobby Flay. Hell, I would too, if I knew him. Awesome video.

  5. apprezzo la vostra maniera di essere turisti, open minded and thirsty of knowledge……………………….p.s. bread is included in the service, you can ask for it twice everywhere in italy

  6. The best authentic roman restaurants r in the neighborhoods not in the touristy areas

  7. This looks so much fun!!!
    I may have missed the infos prior to this videos, are yoi working there or vacation?

  8. Hey guys! One thing Sara and I would LOVE to see was how much stuff costs! I think everyone has this idea of a year of travel being crazy expensive and we all know that’s not true! If you could put the local cost of each meal or tour, we would LOVE that! 😍😍😍

  9. All the food looks amazing. Great tips on where to eat and where to stay away from. We did a Champagne tour with a group in Epernay France a few years ago and it was so fun to be with a group of people from all over the world, but next time we might have to do a private food tour wherever we go. Glad to see you guys living life!

  10. We loved the new video, and really enjoyed the foodie focus; it is nice to have some suggestions for places to eat when we get to Rome next year. However, your camera had some serious issues with focusing??? I don't know if it is from the settings, or if you maybe just need a new camera? We found our old camera was doing the same thing, and had to get a new one, the Sony ZV-1, and so far have no complaints.

  11. Cool job guys 🙂 I have a few questions: how did u find the place where you r staying in Rome? what service do you have with your phones? did u buy a sim card there or you have an international coverage from the States? Kim DO NOT WEAR sweatpants in Europe….everyone will know that you r from the USA without saying anything :)))) Enjoy and stay safe 🙂

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