Athens Greek Food Tour: Must Eat Food in Athens, Greece!

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Today we go on a delicious food tour eating the must try Greek foods in Athens – many of these are street food items that you can eat on the go with a couple of nice sit down options thrown in for good measure! Don’t miss any of these foods when you next visit Athens!
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Where we ate:

1 – Spanakopita and Tiropita
Creme Royale
Thessalonikis 149, Athina 118 52, Greece
Athinas 37, Athina 105 54, Greece

2 – Moussaka and Green Salad (Horiatiki)
Athinas 51, Athina 105 52, Greece

3 – Seafood in cones (sardines, prawns, squid)
Zisis, Fish in cone
Athinaidos 3, Athina 105 63, Greece

4 – Pikilia (mezze style mix plate)
tis theatrou to seki (Της θεάτρου το στεκι)
Theatrou 7, Athina 105 52, Greece

5 – Pork Gyros
Savvas Restaurant (Sabbas Restaurant)
Ermou 91, Athina 105 55, Greece

6 – Souvlaki
Royal Greek Souvlaki
Ermou 67, Athina 105 55, Greece

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  1. You're a tripos! Why in the hell do you put that horrible sounds on the background, think you have an action movie going on lol! RTILOS! Thumbs down!

  2. brοπηγαινε σε καμια περιοχη ρε φιλε αν σου αρεσε το σουβλακι εκει στην αθηνα να πας σε μια γνωστη περιοχη και πλουσια να δοκιμασεις σουβλακι πιστεψε με δεν θα με ξεχασεις αλλα προσεχε σε ποιο σουβλατζιδικο θα πας

  3. Im glad you and the gal enjoy greek food as its very awesome and you can get yiros , kebabs almost anywhere in Australia

  4. It's a crying shame that the once even more beautiful Greece has been overrun by disgusting, misplaced graffiti! I've been there many times from the 70's until now, and a lot of the selfish, disregarding Greek youth morons have make it look like the South Bronx! I know… i'm Greek-American, and partially grew up in The Bronx.

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  6. Watching this while being VERY hungry at the moment turns it into a torture 😂😂

  7. Εμένα πάντως κάποια μαγαζιά που διαφημίζουν ξένοι όπως εδώ τα θεωρώ πολυ μετρια από άποψη γευσης.

  8. Not sardines; anchovies dipped in strong flour and deep fried. It's one of the most popular fishfood delicacies in Greece.

  9. me watching this during quarantine…in order not to forget how it is eating out in greece :(((

  10. Funny, at 6:50, my favorite restaurant.

    We had went to Diporto and left because of the rude service, found that place we had seen earlier, outside, casual (they have Half Dish btw so you can order/taste more things).

    I recognized it in the intro… want to move to Athens partially because of this restaurant, which is basically expressing the lifestyle of the area… diverse, casual, vibrant, easy going, slow food, great food !

  11. Lamb kleftiko, stuffed vine leaves, lentil stew and beef stifado is nice too

  12. Sorry but you and your girlfriend aren't food eaters, you look so fake got no idea about food, your just doing it for ratings

  13. the way he proudly SHAMELESSLY said "souvlaki" in front of a kalamaki in athens oof
    btw i like yall! you are very respectful and have one of the best if not the best pronunciation i've heard from foreigners omg

  14. Thank you for your attention to speak slowly because I’m Thai and I can understand what you speak clearly!! Your information is benefit for my decision that I’ll travel to Greece ^^

  15. Türk rakısı türkiyede aşırı üretimi ve aşırı tüketilir türkiyede aslan sütü olarak geçer

  16. I'm trying to start life in another country. I really should not be watching these. If even Athens is making me homesick…

  17. Supposed to be in Greece right now, had to cancel, and this food video is killin me. Seriously painful. I've been dreaming of O kostas Gyros for 2 years now and the Bread Factory! Our wonderful food tour guide told us to go to O Kostas because she said french fries in gyros is not traditional. As I don't eat french fries it was the perfect choice. This video has me ready to venture outside of my comfort zone and be food adventurous. Thanks for that!

  18. Greek food gives you diarrhoea, judging from my experience and many other I know.

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