Saigon Bizarre Food Tour 2015 – Thit Cho (dog meat), Fried Fetus Eggs, and Cow Stomach Soup 🔥Ep.11

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✅I asked my friend Peter to take me out to eat some bizarre foods on a tour around town. This was our night. We sampled some of the best Vietnamese street food including dog meat (thit cho), fried fetus eggs (hot vit lon), cow stomach and intestine soup (pha lau bo), and a delicious Vietnamese dessert buffet of rice pudding soup flavors including seaweed flavor.

What do you guys wanna see in Saigon? Let me know!

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💻 Digital Nomads in Vietnam – Week 6
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

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  1. stupid ass , I hate this video , thump down , hate ppls who eat dog or cat , go to the hell .

  2. People who eat animals should be required to kill and clean them. I can do a fish. I can do a chicken, I am afraid if I eat octopus, one of their relatives from Alien will come get me.

  3. Dude: Put your hate on normal. We know you're a rockin rollin bitch, nut wearing you hat backwards just screams punk American.

  4. you were ok until the point you ate dog. It's bad enough they eat it, for some ungodly reason, but you know better.

  5. I appreciate your open mind about other cultures and trying those exotic dishes. You da man!

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