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In this Saigon Food Tour on Motorbike 2022, we will immerse ourselves in Ho Chi Minh City’s traditional and street food! This tasting tour is led by a guide who shares in-depth local knowledge and history. Let’s soak in the atmosphere of everyday life on a walk around vibrant neighborhoods including Cambodian Market in District 10 and Chinatown in District 5, as we taste 6 must-try local Vietnamese food in Saigon!!! #SaigonFoodTouronMotorbike #VietnamStreetFood #ẨmthựcSàiGòn

Street Food Tour Booking:

1:16 War Remnant Museum
2:47 Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment Complex
3:16 Ho Thi Ky Market (Cambodian Market)
4:09 Phuong Tra Rice Paper
6:07 Ho Thi Ky Flower Market
7:05 Cafe Ba Lu Traditional Coffee
8:23 Coffee & Rice Noodles
10:37 Traditional Coffee Roasting
12:07 Chinatown
12:35 Banh Mi

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  1. The video is helpful and interesting. The way you talk and the quality of the video really got me into it. You gave a lot of information about Vietnamese dishes. Foreigners would get to know more about Vietnam after this video. I’m Vietnamese but I still learned more about my own country’s cuisine from your video. I think you like a professional Youtuber even you just started the channel. I hope your channel will be blown up! I’m waiting for your part 2!!

  2. Could you please make part 2 of this vid quickly pls bc part 1 is amazing, I can’t wait to see part 2

  3. The video is very useful for the foreigners who want to know more about Vietnam 🇻🇳❤️ Hope that your channel will become well-known 👍

  4. I was very surprised when a person in a different country review some delicious dishes in Sai Gon. This will make your youtube channel more and more popular! Your videos are so awesome! 😋

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