All-You-Can-Eat Vietnamese Food (including Phở 😍 ) @ DaNang Souphouse | Richardson, TX

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Come join us today for an all-you-can-eat buffet at DaNang Souphouse in Richardson, TX. At $22.95/person, let’s see if it’s worth the price tag.

There are a million ads in the middle of the video ( I’m just kidding it’s 2 ), feel free to skip them but please don’t dislike the video because of the ads 😀

DaNang Souphouse
Address: 1600 E Belt Line Rd Richardson, TX 75081

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ES_Mountain Brook – Dylan Sitts
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  1. I have been binge watching your videos! I just subscribed. You are a great family guy. I especially liked the 4-day resort video. You are way too nice in these food videos… is there one where you hated the food?! lol. I've been to this restaurant (Danang Souphouse) several times since they opened. It has gone through many changes and concept. Overall, I like the variety now… just wish they opened more than Fri-Sun. Keep up the good work! Look forward to more videos.

  2. Cảm ơn em trai đã chia sẻ bửa ăn hôm nay. Cô ở Waco city. Muốn tới đó hơi xa. Hy vọng cũng có ngày đến được….

  3. Du ma that was a great review! You make my mouth water when you bite and slurp into each dish. Keep them coming 👍🏽

  4. David I like your reviews of the buffets. You seem very honest in your reviews of the food. I have watch a lot of the reviewers of buffets in the past. They seem like they are looking for reasons not to like the food they are eating. You definitely give the impression that you are given and honest review.

  5. Hey David!! I’ve been so busy with college applications and swimming I haven’t been able to watch your recent videos!!! I have so many to catch up on. Hope u and your family are well!

  6. Looks good David. Maybe we will try when we go to Dallas next year. I can’t wait for my twins to get big like your boy. Met qua 😅😅

  7. Hey Pimpracha! Great to see you eating some Vietnamese food today. It looks like they have so many great options to choose from, not a bad price either. So many dishes we would love to try there. Nice, they have lots of free juices as well. The pho looked bomb! One of my favorite dishes ever. I think my last meal on earth if I had to choose would be pho.LOL.. Glad to see you enjoyed the food with the family! Great video and love you to the moon and have a great rest of your weekend.💖🌛

  8. Surprised they didn’t have Hu Tieu or Bo Kho. Bo Kho with pho noodles is my favorite dish.

  9. Nhìn thèm quá David, ước gì ở gần chạy ra ăn. Củng có nhiều món rất là ngon. Cuối tuần vui vẻ nhe! 😁👍

  10. @DavidSriracha Hey, DaNang David! You're back again after a 2-week hiatus with another winner. Great vid and great new spot–this place looks like a hipper, more contemporary Kim Son. What is your verdict? Is this place better than Kim Son's buffet in Houston? Tell us what you think. Also, please encourage your beautiful wife to talk more–we need to hear her commentary. And don't forget to pick my brain when you come to Galveston…I can help you pick out the best of Galveston Island for your upcoming vids. Talk to you later dude!

  11. Yo David! Can I say…YUM! Damn bro, making a brother want to just roll through like soon! Banh Bot Loc is one of my favorites, and to have them put it on buffet is so awesome! Definitely have to try if I'm there for business. Anyway, yet another solid review and really appreciate your content bro. KEEP THEM COMING for all of us fans of your reviews.

  12. damn i got excited bro, thought it was RICHMOND but it richardson…lol

    all u can eat cafe sua da?!?!?

    small selection but selection looks legit!!!

    got all the important dishes i like!

    i just wish someone will have all you can eat banh cuon! hahaha

  13. This looks fantastic 😋 so much variety! I wish we have done places like this around here! Good move on the last call rush👍. 😉

  14. Awesome video David! I love pho 🍜
    You should check out the new sushi bar in Katy- Kura Revoving Sushi Bar and there's a new bubble tea place opening there also on Saturday- The Alley. We also visited Mala Sichuan Bistro in Katy yesterday and their salt & pepper ribs and jiggling pork belly are sooooo good! 🔥🔥🔥

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