Top 6 Things To Do in SAPA, VIETNAM! (Vietnam Travel Guide)

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Top 6 things to do in Sapa, Vietnam!! When planning your future trip to this beautiful area don’t forget to put these things on your list! #Sapa is a gorgeous mountain town located in Northern Vietnam! We really didn’t know what to expect when we first visited, but we really fell in love with the area. We could have spent weeks here with the delicious food to the incredible hiking views!! #VisitSapa #SapaTourism

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  1. hello, U said you extended your stay in Sapa because you enjoyed it so much. How many days total did you stay? I want to go but dont know how long to stay. Great video and I will start following. thanks .

  2. Sapa Town Square seems really neat especially getting to observe the different cultural dating tradition on the weekend night at Love Market, but getting to walk around in nature would be probably my top choice. Not too sure about all those steps though . .

  3. Wonderful video and amazing places ! I Love it 💜 thumbs up for you !! 👍🏻

    I am a World Traveler and It will be a pleasure to stay connected !!!

    Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  4. I feel like the theme of Sapa is, "You will do a lot of walking." Though even with the mist, the valley is mysterious and beautiful!

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