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In this two part episode, I travel to one of my favorite places, Lucerne Switzerland, for the ultimate Switzerland winter food tour. I start the journey by exploring Old Town Lucerne and one of my favorite restaurants, Pfistern, for traditional Swiss food like cordon bleu, raclette and potato rösti. I then head to the canton of Schwyz, where Switzerland was founded, for a factory tour at the world headquarters of Victorinox, home of the Swiss Army knife. From there, I put the Victorinox knives to the test with Chef Gabriele Batlogg, making her recipe for authentic Swiss Fondue. To end the day, I head to Mount Stoos, to ride the steepest funicular in the world, the Stoosbahn. This Switzerland food tour will have you saying “Yo Da Le Hee Hoo”!!

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  1. why I got this recommended to me on yt today after I jut met a Swiss girl !?! 🤣 pretty makes me convinced google listens to my conversations! as in her presenting herself being from Swiss!

  2. Their is a chain of restaurants that good food and wonderful ice cream desserts all made with great Swiss milk. I believe the ice cream menu went on for fourteen pages with mouthwatering photos. How do you decide?

  3. Very nice! Welcome to Switzerland and greeting from Geneva 😉 We need more vlogers showing Switzerland around 🙂

  4. Wise I was there years ago took the overnight train in and spent 2 days by lake Lucerne. Would love to go back

  5. “Out of this wwoooorrrllllllddddd, Mark!!!!!!
    Only you can say it !!!!!
    Lucerne is a perfect place to visit during Christmas!!!!
    Now part of my bucket list!!!!!
    Continue with your lifestyle along with family and friends as you do !!!!
    Amazing video!!!!!!

  6. I've been hooked to watching your videos almost every day; need to catch up with more to watch. It's like reading a good book,
    can't stop. You make your presentations so informative yet there's the unmistakable enjoyment as you take me for a ride and learn. This is an utterly beautiful experience online, makes me feel like I'm on tour myself right next to you. Bravo!!

  7. dude, you have a great life. this is a great video. ET's videos always make me feel like I am along on his vacation. you have made me want to go to so many new places. thank you for sharing.

  8. Switzerland wasn't so neutral during Second World War,they had huge dealings with the Nazis,then ask the banks that are still holding monies and other valuables that belong to Jewish families,and refuse to hand them over,they are thieving bastards

  9. Very pleased about your Pictures and storys from my hometown. And Gabi is a great cook and host. 😍

  10. Top quality content. Can’t wait for our trip in September. We will be staying in Morschach.

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