Saigon Street Food Tour – Banh Xeo & Banh Khot

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Saigon Street – Bánh Xèo & Bánh Khọt. The best Saigon Street Food – delight your taste-buds with delicious dishes experienced with your own tour Buddy!
Bánh Xèo: The name of this dish comes from the sizzling sound when pouring the flour on the hot frying pan. Bánh Xèo is a famous dish from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Our Saigon Food Tour includes this traditional dish for you to taste – and you can even try your hand at making it.
Bánh Khọt: is a must-try Vietnamese foods alongside well-known dishes such as Phở, Chả giò (Spring rolls) and Bánh Mì. We also try delicious Banh Khot on our street food tour (and Banh Mi, Goi Cuon, Bot Chien, Seafood etc!!) and you can watch it being made in the traditional fashion.

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