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This is my first time traveling alone in Nha Trang and I’m so excited about it! I will take you guys with me to beautiful places in this city, enjoy some Vietnamese local seafood, and experience new things as a solo traveler. Here are the places that I went on my trip.

Po Nagar Temple
Address: 61 Hai Tháng Tư, Vĩnh Phước, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000
Price: 20,000 VND ($1)
You should definitely check out this place when you come to Nha Trang. Po Nagar temple was built between the 8th and the 13th centuries in order to worship Yan Po Nagar – The Goddess of the Cham and known as Thiên Y Thánh Mẫu in Vietnamese. She was said to have taught the locals to cultivate agriculture, raise animals and weave clothes. The whole architectural complex was constructed by the Cham people who once ruled the central plain of Vietnam. Inside the tower, there is a statue of a goddess made of black granite, 2.6m high, sitting on a lotus-shaped stone base, leaning back on a large fig leaf-shaped stone plate. Ponagar Tower is part of the greatest historic complexes in the old Champa territory with architecture influenced significantly by Hinduism. Remember to take your shoes and your hat off before you go into the temple complex.

Monkey Island
Price: 120,000 VND ($5.21)
You’ll get to see cute monkeys and immerse yourself in nature. They have food for you to buy to feed the monkeys as well. Beautiful check-in spots that you might fall in love with. Also, I learned that there was an orchid island that is similar to the monkey island but it has more beautiful orchid flowers. The ticket for that island is 180,000 VND but they stop selling tickets after 10am. So if you want to get a full experience, make sure you go early. Solo travel gives me ultimate freedom. I can do whatever I want, I can eat or drink whatever I like. It’s a feeling of taking control of my own life. I realized that all my problems seemed to disappear when I traveled because I was too busy focusing on my surroundings and letting my imagination run wild in my own world. Solo travel helps me discover who I am. It allows me to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, learn from new perspectives, and get inspired. The most important thing I’ve learned from solo traveling is to be grateful for what I have. I have a home to come back to and I have people who love me unconditionally. After returning from a solo trip, I cherish every moment that I have with others, the time that I didn’t have while traveling alone. Traveling with people helps you find friendship, traveling alone helps you find yourself. And when you know who you are, you know how to love, give and inspire others. That’s the power of travel. I hope you guys enjoy this video and I can’t wait to see you again on my next adventure! Be safe.


Where I stay?
Vesna Hotel, 100 Tran Phu.
I got pretty good deal online $150 for 4 days 3 nights (plane tickets and hotel), and it’s a 5 star hotel.

Shout out to Dominic Nguyen for helping me with the subtitles :))

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  1. How lovely of the temple custodians to supply coveralls to the visitors they consider inadequately dressed – perfect non-judgemental hospitality!

  2. I have only ever travelled alone, because of Covid19 the the 2 trips were within Australia, but I have been to Thailand about 5 times, Cambodia 2 times and Singapore, I really want to travel to Vietnam, I would love to see Danang and Hoi an the most and Halong Bay

  3. I literally ran out of passport pages because USA visas took at least 2 pages each year for renewals. I'm sure your dream meant traveling the world right?

  4. Control is no good life including yours , let s be the best
    Being loaded and giving , satisfying what u get ….best

  5. I loved the ending narration very philosophical. Any update on when you'll be starting your guide service?

  6. My 5 week solo trip to Vietnam in 2006 was the best travel experience of my life. The first day was in Hanoi which was very stressful because it was colder than I expected and the traffic was overwhelming. However, I quickly adapted and really enjoyed the natural beauty, food, culture and friendly people of Vietnam. I hope to revisit Vietnam someday.

  7. I had the same goal, running out of pages on both passports, and I did, last page was Costa Rica.
    I'm 40 this year and I had to renew my passports, the truth is I realised long ago that as long as my health and my finances would allow me to travel then I would just do that. But I'll keep my old passports like silly treasures lol
    Good luck on your quest and take it from someone who completed the challenge 2 times, it is worth it, especially the bad experiences, you'll see 🙂

  8. I been to Vietnam and nha trang many times
    Vietnam and Vietnamese people are amazing.
    I miss Vietnam and will go there soon as possible
    I love amazing Vietnam
    I love friendly Vietnamese people
    Thanks because of you introduce lovely Vietnam
    I appreciate your videos
    I love and respect you
    Greetings from Sweden
    Cam on

  9. The island from a different distance inside the Temps and outside are all spectacular gorgeous. breath taking with own eyes.

  10. I really enjoy your video, and need to share that I did ran out of pages on my last passport. 🙂 But I need to thank some visa took over an entire page on my passport in order for me to achieve that goal. LOL…

  11. You are wiser than Wise itself. Your comments concerning traveling alone has empowered this Senior Soul to begin again, reach out and enjoy the World as I wish. Thank You! When your country allows Americans to return, I hope to be on the first plane. More educated and aware of Vietnam’s Culture, Tradition and Language thanks to YOU.
    VIETNAM should make you an Official Ambassador of their country.
    Thank You for all you have provided and taught me.

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