LIVE – Part #2) Vietnamese Pizza!!🍕 Most Popular Street Food in Vietnam! Food Tour of Da Nang!!🇻🇳

Bạn đang xem video: LIVE – Part #2) Vietnamese Pizza!!🍕 Most Popular Street Food in Vietnam! Food Tour of Da Nang!!🇻🇳 được tổng hơp từ mạng xã hội

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Chuyên mục: Địa điểm ăn uống

Đăng lại bởi: chothuexe123

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Tác giả: LEO Nhật Ly Official

Thời lượng: 00:13:58

Chủ đề: food tour đà nẵng

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  1. looks crispy and flaky! yum yum!!!!! I love jack fruit! I'll pass on the durian!

  2. I really love these food lives!! I miss the close up top shots of the food to make even hungrier, but you compensate by entertaining us!! 💕 thank you Leo 💕

  3. 2:05 that looks like an empanada!! hahaha
    just kidding!
    I love that you always carrying a backpack, like always ready for adventure haha, food adventures I might say!
    Can't believe that only costs 30 cents!! Whuuuuuuut
    Shut up and take my money! hahaha
    It's so crisppppy!!
    Never had that before, but I had spring roll paper, I guess I can make it?
    I like jackfruit more than Durian, durian taste ok, but the smells is so bad, I like more things made out of durian than having it fresh haha
    my sister says doesn't like it, she used to say uuugghh smells like shit xD
    definitely need to pinch your nose to eat!
    BTW is not Leo's food vlog if she doesn't have a sugar cane drink ok haha
    my weirdest food I think was frog legs xD ew xD
    I don't dare to try balut xD kinda scare haha

  4. Love the view sis always sharing great video 👌when you eat pizza me drooling 🤤 wow 30cents very cheap … I can’t wait to watch new street food video ❤️

  5. I love these live food vlogs! Everyone getting on AK about Durian was pretty funny lol I haven't tried quail balut but it sounds delicious! The most exotic thing I've tried is deep fried scorpions in China 😀 Keep up the great work! You will finish strong in May Leo! I know it! Have a great day!

  6. wow ! very thin pizza but lots of stuffings ! only 30cents !! woo ~~~ nice river view there by the way ! 😎👍

  7. Hello sis, I woke up and saw your vid. Nice view where you're eating at, I've seen lots of street food vid's on this. I have yet to try it, looks so delicious. Like I said before, Vietnam is on my bucket list, I'm jealous of you. Have a wonderful weekend !💖💖

  8. That looks so delicious I’ve never tried bánh Trang nuong

  9. I don’t know if I could ever eat balut though. I just can’t bring myself to do it when I see the little bird 😣

  10. Ohhhh I didn’t know Vietnamese pizza was kind of like banh xeo. After watching you eat it, I might try making it at home…

  11. Oh wow!!! Cant believe i missed this again!!! Your food vlogs arw starting to be my fave videos of yours!! I love how you ate at that view after sunset. It seems so relaxing and calm to me you know? Having vietnamese pizza with that is just the perfect way to end the day!! Would love to share that moment with you when i go there one day!! Durian, jackfruit, balut all so good for me!! 👍🏻👍🏻 cant believe ak hasnt tried exotic food! I hope you get to see you try exotic food but except snails onei think i cant… lol hahahaa! Really enjoyed this live and one day ill catch it!! Loved this!! Keep it up sis!! Im so proud of you!! 2k in the bag!! You can take it to the bank!! ❤️

  12. I honestly wish I could eat with you!!! You have such joy when it comes to eating food and would make it such a great experience!!

  13. So sad the other live had some technical difficulties but I’m glad you started a new one! I had to go shower and make food so I’m watching it afterward! WOW the pizza looks soooo good and I live how crispy it sounds I KNOW this must have been good! Also BIG UPS to you for keeping the live even though it didn’t go the way we wanted! I absolutely love your positive energy as always I hope you had an amazing meal! 💖 to be honest I never had anything weird like that or exotic because in Sweden we don’t even have that as an option but if I had to choose anything it must be duck 🦆 hahahah nothing weirder than that 😂💖

  14. nice vlog super super happy sigla mo sis be safe new friend po eto baka ma add mo din ako at ganun din ako sayo thanks

  15. Chị lại không ăn mì quãng. Chị mà không ăn bỏ đăng kí chị luôn

  16. Don't worry about that…it's happen sometimes😊…I enjoy it this video. Vietnamese pizza is very unique. Only 30 cents…that's great deal. You're funny…I love it… Vietnam 🇻🇳 is a beautiful place. Great Video Leo!!!

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