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We ate some snails, crab claws, raw oysters, and fertilized quail eggs in Hai Phong. The restaurant is located in a small alley hidden in a neighborhood of Hai Phong. It’s one of those kinds of places that you won’t find unless a local takes you there.

The seafood is very fresh, and reasonably priced because Hai Phong is a port city and lots of seafood comes in fresh every single day here.

Restaurant Info:
Name: Quán Ốc Thuỷ Dương
Address: 263 Lạch Tray, Đằng Lâm, Ngô Quyền, Hải Phòng
Google Maps:
Hours: 15:00 ~ 22:00 daily

The staff were very friendly and happy that we were there to eat and film. Make sure to say hi to them, they’ll love meeting you. ^^

Watch me eat Fertilized Duck Egg here:

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  1. darling you do not eat the end part of the snails (the intestines,etc)..that's where the bitterness comes from…..oh well u r still in one piece

  2. I just see your video, it's so good. Last 3 year, i had worked on this restaurant as the employee. My boss is very nice ( Ms. Thuy & Mr. Duong ) they give me the job during time i stady Viet Nam Maritime University. Once again, thanks for good video

  3. No fertilized eggs for me somehow it seems cruel. I have regular eggs every morning though…. I love seafood and ok with snails (in garlic sauce!) Good to see you exploring.

  4. Looks like the green bowl you have on your deck under the faucet in the corner of the pond. Are they common?

  5. Hi Cory, i love very much your videos. All things you eat look so delicious !!!

  6. I do like seafood though i´d probably be carefull with snails… Friends of mine made some of those escargot snails. Really disgusting, it smelled gross, the texture was rubbery and unpleasant, otherwise all you really taste beneath some gross smell are the spices and butter. After that experience I am pretty carefull when it comes to snails.

  7. Another insight if you don't know this already. Hai Phong is kind of like Marseilles in France, port city, great seafood, and renowned for the crime syndicate and tough people. You should tease your girlfriend about this. That ought to impress her about your due diligence in trying to understand her hometown … plus you can always change tack and blame it on some stupid Viet Kieu if she is offended at the characterization of people in Hai Phong 🙂 Take care and thanks for posting.

  8. Oh this is a great one Cory. Firstly, Hai Phong is not a well known city for vloggers but you're right, their fresh seafood is awesome. Oh and the Vietnamese dipping sauces, I miss them so much, all of them 🙂 And those Vietnamese dipping sauces are very light and not creamy/fattening either. BTW, I like your natural reaction at 4:44, so genuine. Hope you don't mind my hijacking the comment with this long one but I think you'll like it. I'll tell you a funny story about the "aromatic water". 2000, first time back to VN after having left there in 1975 and let's face it, we Americans (mainlander no less) don't know how to do seafood. Anyway, 3rd day in Hanoi and my sister was visiting her husband's relatives in Nam Dinh so I was on my own. Went to a seafood restaurant and ordered some crabs (blown away by the cheap price of fresh crab). They brought out the 2 dishes I ordered and a 3rd dish, a bowl of "broth" with some leaves in it and twinge of lemon/lemongrass aroma. It smelled really good and I didn't know how it went with my other dishes so I called the waitress to ask her how to eat it. She started giggling (you know how Vietnamese girls cover their mouth when they burst out giggling) and said "No, that's aromatic water to wash your the crab shell smell from my hands after finish eating". That's when I thought, now that is a food culture. Enjoy Hai Phong. BTW, you really should try to catch Hai Phong around May, Hai Phong has a lot of the Phoenix trees (cay Phuong Vy) and the red flowers blooming at the end of Spring and announcing the arrival of Summer is awesome, particular for school kids. The way the Phuong Vy lined both sides of the boulevard is really pretty.

  9. Cory thank you for sharing but no I would never try those eggs. And never eat snails. Snails give me the creeps and can't stand them. No raw oysters either. My dad use to eat those raw too after his night of drinking. But you enjoy your eats. 😀👍👌🙋

  10. Good morning from Las Vegas, so happy to wake up with you video. When are you going to review your girlfriend? We like to meet her.

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