Budapest Food Tour: Must Eat Hungarian Dishes in Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest has so much delicious food on offer, today we are taking you around to try our favourite things to eat in Budapest. We are trying some traditional and modern dishes that we absolutely loved and can’t stop dreaming about. We hope you enjoy this food tour of one of our all time favorite cities! The names and addresses of the restaurants are down below.
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1. TöLTő (gourmet sausages / hotdogs)
Budapest, Wesselényi u. 31, 1077 Hungary

2. Retró Lángos Büfé (Langos)
Budapest, Podmaniczky Frigyes tér 4, 1054 Hungary

3. Bécsiszelet Király (breaded meats – pigs brains!)
Budapest, Király u. 69, 1077 Hungary

4. Frici papa (Beef Goulash stew / Porkolt)
Budapest, Király u. 55, 1077 Hungary

5. Chimney Cake
We filmed this on the corner where the Oktogon Metro station was, but they are scattered throughout the city.

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  1. hardcore lángos eaters do eat their lángos without sour cream and cheese but only with (a lot) garlic. i find the sour cream/cheese variant a bit too fancy

  2. It's good to put the prices of theses dishes,
    I'm new in your chaîne ,i'm from kabylia ( North Africa), you are great.😁

  3. 🙂 Goulash (gulyás) is definitely a soup. That is not a question. "Gulyás" word means -cowherd, -cowboy, because of that the original one is made from beef only, no pork, no poultry. It is a heafy soup. During centuries many nations around us integrated into their cuisine and it becames a stew. That is why you can find "goulash" on the menu in Austria, Poland, Czechia and in another countries but it is different, since a stew is served for you. That could be the cause of misunderstanding. Why they put as a beefgoulash on the English menu (just guessing) because all tourist lokk for the stew as a goulash 🙂 If you check the Hungarian name above you can find the word "pörkölt" which means stew. Like your video anyway 🙂

  4. Real Langos comes with no topping at all, only some garlic-oil sprinkled on it.

  5. Hey Guys! Honestly there is not to much difference between make Gulyàs soup and Stew (we called pörkölt). Add the vegetables and extra water to the half ready stew and cook Till done!

  6. Gulash in hungary is the soup. But in nearby countrys people calls gulash every stew with paprika. (Forexample in chech republic)

  7. So nice to see aussies doing this .

    Iam full blown Hungarian born and bread with the Ozzie accent . Nothing like the food from home and yes nothing like mums

  8. Goulash or (stew) means – pörkölt in hungarian language
    Goulash soup means – Gulyásleves

  9. Well, Ross and Bek, about the gulyas, it's not soup and it's not stew. They think about it as it's a mixed raced child with a parents of soup and stew.

  10. olyan jó étvággyal ettél, hogy kénytelen voltam egy sört kinyitni és lenyomni az egészségedre!

  11. within a half of a second after biting into the how dog ross is reacting to how great it is. there is no way you can have any plausible idea how the thing tastes you moron after a 1/2 second. ross now you can change all future videos and take some time and thank me every time in the future for not looking like an idiot even more than you normally do.

  12. WHY do you think that Ross acts like an idiot whenever he is on camera? with the ridiculous face contortions and the stupid jumps he does. cute if you are a moron. and what is the matter with beck if she is staying with thisguy?

  13. Pig's brain? Since when is it a traditional hungarian food? I mean I have never heard of it in my life as I have never heard of that "hot dog like" food, called töltő either. These are not hungarian and definitely not traditional hungarian foods.

    In the description you haven't mentioned where are you two from.

  14. Gulash is 100% a soup. We say “Gulyás leves”-leves is soup translated to english. You can find canned goulash “stew” labeled products abroad in the stores but it’s nothing like the original hungarian recipe. Foreign people often think goulash is a stew because it’s pretty thick sometimes but it depends on the cooks. What you ate in the video is called “pörkölt”. It has nothing to do with goulash but it doesn’t really has an exact translation so we translated it as“(beef,pork or chicken) stew with sweet paprika and (just like you) we eat it with galuska/nokedli (dumpling) and some pickled cabbage or pickles.

  15. Hi Im from Sopron (west hungary), my mother always said and made the gulash soup this way. First she made a basic pörkölt, then she diluted with water then added some veggies, and made the soup. These two dishes gets confused probably because of this. You can baisacly make a gulash soup from gulash with noodles, just the water proportion is different.

  16. Nice vid. Even as a Hungarian I got some tips for places to recommend to my foreign friends. 🙂 The basics of Gulyásleves and Pörkölt (what the world knows as Goulash) are the same (we have something called pörkölt alap – stew base – on what we base a part of our cuisine). The difference starts once the meat is done. For the soup you fill it up with water and add vegetables, noodles, potatoes, salt and cook it ready but for the stew you cook it with some dry red wine (Vörösboros marhapörkölt, the plate you had on the menu is a red wine added beef stew with paprika).
    The best flavor comes when they are cooked outdoors on live fire in a Hungarian type of cauldron called "bogrács". Cheers!

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