SO MUCH GREAT VIETNAMESE FOOD in Nha Trang. Viet Belarusian Girl Shows Me Her Vietnam City

Bạn đang xem video: SO MUCH GREAT VIETNAMESE FOOD in Nha Trang. Viet Belarusian Girl Shows Me Her Vietnam City được tổng hơp từ youtube

If you haven’t seen part 1 in Nha Trang:
Thank you to Masha for showing me around Nha Trang. We’ll see her again when we attend Son Bui’s wedding coming up! Places featured in this video:
Bun Ca Hung Quy,
CCCP Coffee,
Oceanography Institute,
Nem Ninh Hoa Dang Van Quyen,
Ca Nuong Co Uyen,
Durian Stand across from Ca Nuong Co Uyen

Contact me if you want Minh to drive you!

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About Me: I’m Kyle Le and these are the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the foods I’ve eaten, and the many things that I’ve seen…Originally from Southern California, I moved to Saigon, Vietnam after university and lived there for many years. Then, I traveled the world finding and documenting stories of Vietnamese people living outside of the homeland. Then I finished my master’s at USC and now… well… you’re going to have to follow and watch to find out!
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Original Music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Panasonic G9, 12-60mm, 14-140mm 15mm
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  1. I love this video since it shows the differences between nguoi trung and nguoi Nam. Given my family it is interesting to me. My family is nguoi trung, but we moved to Saigon so we speak like a nguoi Nam everyone except my ba noi maybe. I thought i was nguoi Nam until i was told that i was nguoi trung lol

    I never heard of calling soy sauce the southern way before but my family calls it the central way but not with the “sh”.

  2. 1 2 3 4 5 Sháu, I am pretty sure she says it wrong and Shinh nhật, no one says it like like doesn't matter where they come from in Vietnam 🙂

  3. both of you are wrong, in vietnam there are 3 kind of pineapple, Thơm, Dứa, Khóm. they are a little bit difference. Dứa is green and big, Thơm is yellow and big, Khóm is yellow and small. all of them are pineapple in english

  4. Kyle ăn mấy món này thấy ngon quá,lâu quá không có về Nhà Trang 10 năm hơn thì phải,xưa mình cũng ở Nhà trang năm 1973 thì phải,Nhà Trang rất là thú vị và cảnh rất là đẹp.

  5. I have been watching your vblogs for years and your always with a beautiful woman that you call your guest, friend or co-host. Ahhh, you know I bought that for a while, but no more. Your a chick magnet and we know !

  6. The dude is a true husband to his wife, he is constantly plugging his wife's vegetarian banh mi shop in saigon 🙂

  7. OMG Masha you are beautiful girl ❤️❤️❤️. i believe you will live forever because i want see you forever

  8. Can you show your fans about other parts of Vietnamese culture instead of eating out all the times?

  9. I married my Vietmenese wife in Nha Trang took beautiful wedding pictures there NhaTrang is a magnificent place

  10. You can’t believe your doing it?? You feel like an old man? Bro that’s the classic and right way of making cafe

  11. Saw your video first time 2 days ago and watching nonstop since then. I’m Vietnamese living in Australia and you really make me homesick 😢

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