Saigon Street Eats – BEST Food Tour in Vietnam!

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Wondering what you should eat while in Southern Vietnam?? We hung out with Saigon local, Vu, as he scooted us around the city on the back of a motorbike to show us his favorite food spots!

Vu, and wife Barbara, are the masterminds behind Saigon Street Eats. If you find yourself hungry in Saigon, you should definitely look into a tour with them. Not only do they take you to the best spots, you also get a little history of what you’re eating and why it’s popular. Check them out here:


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  1. This one’s for all you foodies! We’ve officially left the Philippines and are making our way from the South of Vietnam to the North. Let us know what Vietnamese foods we missed so that we can cover them in the new videos!

  2. I am a chef and want to tour Vietnam in May for one month exploring street food styles and types. My plan is to start in Saigon and head north endi g my trip in Hanoi. Is there an agency or someone I should contact to develop a itinerary that is realistic?

  3. OMG , I know this is an old video , but I'm so happy to have found this channel . I'm planning my first ever trip to Vietnam after this hell of Covid , and I love watching you guys for information. Thank you guys cant wait to watch all your videos

  4. Y'all brave for trying the seafood lol some places specializes in escargot & it's good drinking food, kinda like tapas

  5. I don't think "banh xeo" is of Chinese ìnfluence as what the Chinese claim, maybe it's from French crepe. And historically 900 years of Chinese domination did not happen like the Chinese have been portraying but more complicated than that. It's a long story that, to make it short, it involves romance, deception and stolen Vietnamese military secret. You may have some ethnic Chinese as guides.

  6. Hello Sir please share Your Tour Guide Contact or email address. I am traveling Vietnam in December. Appreciate in Advance Sir

  7. For the most part, I liked everything you ate (the last savory dish wouldn't have been my pick, though, as there's more flavorful foods than that). But I really hate how Vietnamese always show the worst che (dessert). There are so many more flavorful che than the two they showed. WAY more flavorful. I'd stick with anything that has a pandan flavor and/or coconut sauce in it. That's what makes good che to me. The herbal ones or ones with medicinal stuff is nasty. Never liked it, don't know why they always feature it. Same with the che 3 mau. It's okay, but definitely not the best Vietnamese che.

  8. Hi! I’m planning going to Ho Chi Minh and watching your videos for reference. Could you please share the reference of your female bike drive for you food tour? Is she a tour guide? I want to contact her to help me too

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