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This is a virtual travel tour of Nha Trang Vietnam. We walk around Nha Trang beach, then head over to the night market for some street food in Nha Trang city center. After that we go to the Ponagar Temple and head over for some at a fishing village. Many cruise ships arrive in Nha Trang and is considered one of the top beach destinations in all of Vietnam.

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Link gốc video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsai-wskWsc

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  1. 20k for a coconut is quiet reasonable for a street vendor. I bought some coconuts from the market for 10-12k each so nice price also for the beers

  2. Awesome video brother! I also vlog around Vietnam! and might visit nha trang soon when we go to dalat for tet!

  3. Bro…just searched youtube for vietnam beach..enter your video then I was like..wait a minute..that's fucking Blockchain Jeff…2017 memories haha. Hope you enjoy mate!

  4. Slow it down man, I had to skip many parts of your video due to the camera moving around headache. Good info thx.

  5. Nice video but what video doesn't properly express is that it's hot as hell there! Sweaty balls 24/7
    Fun to visit tho

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