Bạn đang xem video: NHA TRANG RESTAURANT IS PERFECT được tổng hơp từ mạng xã hội

This great little restaurant is located in a lively little sidestreet just opposite the hotel where I’ve been staying in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Great food, friendly staff and terrific prices. I’ve eaten here most days during my stay in Nha Trang. A great little eating place that doesn’t let you down.
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Link gốc video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFFFhxFTvvo

Chuyên mục: Địa điểm ăn uống

Đăng lại bởi: chothuexe123

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Tác giả: Edward Sweeney

Thời lượng: 00:10:43

Chủ đề: food tour nha trang

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  1. Nothing better than watching someone eat when they love their food the way you do Eddie. And those prices, absolutely fantastic. Great little vid 👍

  2. Hi Steady Eddy, you should be drinking that Henekin star 007 special edition beer. A Russian named restaurant "Kostya" in Vietnam.
    Balshoy spa-seeba (big thankyou)
    Sweeney 007…licence to thrill. LOL

  3. I like the look of na trang Eddie…. Keep up the good work fella and i hope you get home quickly and safe!

  4. I had an Ostrich steak from Lidls last year…was pretty good. On a more sombre note i feel its time for you to get back home pronto…nice vid as always, stay safe.

  5. Who clicked because of the cutie in the thumbnail? The bottle of Captain Morgan is quite. bit cheaper in Cambodia. The 700 ml is around $9 USD. For about $12 you get a liter of the Captain Morgan's Spiced Gold!

  6. Mayonnaise and ketchup on the fries, only way to go Ed!! And that waitress and the store clerk were both absolute angels, that's what i miss about 🇻🇳, will be back as soon as possible!!! Cheers mate🍺🍺👍

  7. those crinkly cut fries are making me hungry. looks like delicious food, especially for the price.

  8. Looks like a great little spot right now Eddie. Much better than back here home for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Nice one Ed, it's Appletons special for me and yes Iceland has fantastic scenery, hot spring baths etc.. but you'll need a few more quid in your arse pocket for stuff !!

  10. Good job mate Mark Wiens look out! Sure hope you get back to her or her sister later Cheers

  11. Hi Eddie, is Vietnam cheaper than Philippines? Cos I've been looking to go to Philippines for Cebu for excursions over their breath taking waterfalls, and then off to Angeles city for a naughty week. That hotel you were in the scorebirds was nice. Thinking on the last two or three nights to stay there and see what goes on at the bar.

  12. P,S, For that enjoyable 10 mins and 43 seconds I managed to forget ALL about the VIRUS. ;-]. Thank you for that Edd. ;-]

  13. The first big difference I have noticed between mine and your travelling ways Eddy is that I always drink the local spirit, beer, (mostly) and wine. Helps me to feel I am really in the country or region that I am visiting. But each to their own. Nice little foody vlog.

  14. hi Eddy,
    nearly everything stands still in europe and by now you know why. anyway it's 11 am in my hometown. i've just woke up, viewed your video and i feel great. thanks! what can you tell us about the vietnamese cuisine compared with the thai? less or more spicy? i personaly don't eat meat, were there many dishes with fish or sea food? you seemed to enjoy your dinner :-). morever the waitress was nice looking and very kind: an added bonus, so to speak! thumb up #376

  15. so, there's a few massage parlors along that lane.. do you mea nmassage parlors or "Massage Parlors" 😉 food looked yummy and what a cute waitress, what more could one ask for – Happy Travels Ed

  16. Keep up the great work Eddie enjoying watching your holiday as we are now in lockdown so have to postpone my own holiday to Thailand until this madness stops

  17. They r the best fries…. Crinkle cut… The best fries I have ever had in my life was in Dien Ben. Phu…. Don't know what it is … The oil or potatoes but Vn chips rule

  18. Hey Ed, how is it you are filming and counting the money with 2 hands? Do you have a 3rd hand holding the camera? Look at 9:53

  19. Nice one Eddie. The food looks very tasty. Not sure about the ostrich. Good old chicken for me. Take care

  20. What a great place! Vietnamese food is pretty healthy too. You don't even have to fix anything at your home. Just have someone else fix it for you for a few quid at this restaurant!

  21. Those ostriches are odd looking creatures. If I was there I would have just asked for a plate of french fries.

  22. Trapped in the UK ? Don't despair, read a book. Get stuck into BRANNANS CHASE by Stephen Cord and you'll be transported to Pattaya in an instant!

  23. Another Grit video Ed hope you didn't drink all like Captain Morgan at one time LOL🙈👍

  24. Great video's Eddie. Yes it's a great little restaurant. We should have stayed in❤ Nha Trang. Cheers 😆

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