INSANE Street Food Tour In Saigon Vietnam 2021

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Join me and 3 friends on this INSANE Street In Saigon Vietnam 2021.

We walked down an amazing street in district 4 Saigon named Ton Dan.
This street is literally full of street food and will make your eyes water.

We stacked up and visited a load of street food vendors, soaked in the atmosphere and purchased an amazing varity of Vietnamese food. Watch until the end of the video where we try all the food. Yummy!

I was joined by 3 friends

Big shout out to all the vendors on this street for letting us film.

0:00 Street food tour in Saigon
10:43 Drive through Saigon
11:00 Food tasting and review

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  1. You move the camera wayy too much, got motion sickness 3 minutes in, couldn't watch any more, Sorry bud.

  2. You need to learn to use the video properly. I felt sick after watching this video. You need to move slowly.

  3. Talking about safety, but keep removing the mask, it’s not like you can’t be heard with your mask on duh! Lol

  4. Food looks yummy and you’re very informative. I was there last year and enjoyed the food and people

  5. Very nice Ed 🙌 Could you spell it how do you say very delicious 🤣? I might start using it 😁

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