Food Sweet Food in Vietnam : lunch in a Hmong minority (Sapa, north Vietnam)

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The 1st home food world tour – Le 1er tour du monde du repas chez l’habitant


Getting to Vietnam from China by land, Food Sweet Food spent few days in Sapa town, north of Vietnam. Located in the border state of Lao Cai, this former colonial french station is surrounded by ethnic minority groups such as Hmongs, Dao (Yao), Giay, Pho Lu, and Tay.

We met Pin, from a Hmong minority, she invited us to share a meal in her village. We discovered there the culture and the food traditions of Hmong people. The Hmong minority, the most represented in this region, comes from China. As a consequence, its food is imbued with Chinese and Vietnamese influences. Hmong food is relatively casual, but very tasty: lots of vegetables and tofu, sometimes meat, and the meal is always served with white rice as often in Southeast Asia.

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Arrivés au Vietnam par la Chine, nous avons passé quelques jours à Sapa, petite ville dans le nord du Vietnam. Située dans l’état frontalier de Lao Cai, cette ancienne station d’altitude coloniale est entourée de villages de minorités ethniques Hmongs, Daos (Yao), Giays, Pho Lu et Tays.

Nous y avons rencontré Pin, originaire d’une communauté Hmong, qui nous a invité à partager un repas dans sa famille. Nous avons pu y découvrir la culture mais aussi les traditions alimentaires de son village. La minorité Hmong, la plus représentée dans la région, est originaire de Chine. Ainsi, celles-ci sont empreintes d’influences chinoises et vietnamiennes. La cuisine quotidienne des hmongs est relativement simple, mais très savoureuse : beaucoup de légumes et de tofu, parfois de la viande, le repas étant systématiquement accompagné de riz blanc comme souvent en Asie du Sud-Est.

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  1. Yeah, she added the most important ingredient to the boil chicken (Weed). I recall we used to add them to our boil pot of chicken as well. However, we never knew we could smoke it and get wasted but only as cooking ingredients. LOL

  2. there are Hmong people in France and Germany(about 100) as well. 600 yrs in Vietnam, wow! they migrated way way before us who live in Loas, Thailand, and outside of Asia. I believe we migrated a little more than 200 yrs only.

  3. Great Video! There is a large concentration of Hmong people in MN, WI, and CA. Whenever, you guys are in MN let us know. We will be glad to take you around the twin cities for some Hmong food. – EatwiththeLee's

  4. Us Hmongs who fought against the Vietnamese made our brothers and sisters in Vietnam look bad.

  5. Wow that's nicely done. Thanks for sharing your video i will be visiting Vietnam and China very soon. Hope you have a great experienced with my Hmong people. Thanks, good to be Hmong. God bless!

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