Donal's Vietnamese Adventure: Sapa & Bac Ha

Bạn đang xem video: Donal's Vietnamese Adventure: Sapa & Bac Ha được tổng hơp từ trang ẩm thực

Greetings from Vietnam! I’m here filming a new series for the Food Network and wanted to give you a little taste of behind the scenes. I’ve had such a brilliant experience so far traveling to Sapa and trying some incredible food at the Bac Ha market!

Filmed on the Panasonic Lumix GM5:

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Chuyên mục: Ẩm thực

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Tác giả: Donal Skehan

Thời lượng: 00:11:13

Chủ đề: food tour sapa

Thẻ : Bac Ha District (City/Town/Village),Adventure,Tourist Destination,,Vietnam (Country),,Action,Travel,Culture,Tourism (Roxette Album),Nature,Events

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  1. Tks you for showing us about sapa .it s so gorgeous and expressive views . Truly , i ve never come to sapa but through ur journey , i wanna take my bag and go now .

  2. Thanks for this great video. Now I am in Sapa, but I'm not going to bacHa. Too far away. Your movie gave me the opportunity to know about Bac ha market.

  3. Your so cute loving to see you always…keep it up making vlogs foodtrip can u come to taiwan also?

  4. I love it when people I'm subscribed to visit Vietnam <3 Donal's "xin chao" is 98% perfect! Great vlog; made me laugh a lot lol

  5. I'm going to Sapa from 23rd to 27th this Jan, by night train from Hanoi railway station. if anyone wants to join me, let me know!

  6. Donal, what an amazing gift you have such an adventurous and accepting palate! Hope you had a great time in Vietnam. You really did our cuisine justice by showcasing the much lesser known yet equally scrumptious and sophisticated dishes. Wish I could find the time to come back to Vietnam at some point in the future. Maybe I'll hit you up and we'll do a central and southern tour? 😉

  7. I love your adventures, your channel your cooking!!! I will begin to plan my trip now 🙂

  8. Is an end opener for you.
    You can adjust to the Vietnamese food and culture so well👍
    God bless you Dona

  9. aw I wish I had met you while you were in Hanoi, you seem to have a great time visiting my country 🙂 

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