DA NANG VIETNAM IS UNDERRATED! Cave Temples, Street Food & Coconut Coffee

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Vietnam continues to surprise us! Hanoi, Saigon, Ha Long Bay and Hoi An get all the attention, but Da Nang is equally impressive. It’s like the Miami of Vietnam (sort of, kind of, not really)!

On March 7, 2020, we spent the full day experiencing the best things to do in Da Nang, Vietnam. So, if you want to create the perfect 1-day itinerary in Da Nang, then this is the perfect place to start planning your trip.

We began our perfect day in Da Nang with a coconut coffee at Cong Caphe right on the beachfront. Coconut coffee is a refreshing dessert in a glass – but caffeinated! After trying them in Hanoi, Ashley grew very fond of these creamy concoctions and Cong Caphe is a unique place to try one.

Moving on, we took a Grab to Tượng Phật Bà Quan m, a buddhist temple and pagoda complex that is home to the tallest buddha statue in the country! Lady Buddha is beautiful and imposing over these peaceful temple grounds.

Next was lunchtime and if you are vegetarian, you have to try ROM (Revolution of Mushroom).

After lunch we met up with our friend, Will, and headed out to climb the Water Mountain at the Marble Mountains. This was quite the adventure! We climbed through caves and enjoyed more gorgeous temples and pagodas. This is a must-do in Da Nang!

After some beach time, we headed across the Dragon Bridge to explore the night market. We tried lots of delicious Vietnamese street food, including Bánh xèo and “Dragon’s Breath” for dessert.

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We rounded out this massive day with the weekend show at the Dragon Bridge – watch until the end to see some FIRE content!

We hope you enjoy our Vietnam travel vlog and, as always, we’ll see you in our next video as we Keep Going Places!

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Filmed March 7, 2020



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  1. The best attractions in Da Nang are a good mix of centuries-old pagodas, French colonial buildings, as well as tranquil beaches with clear blue waters, and verdant national parks. Da Nang is known as the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam, with a west-coast location that makes for beautiful sunsets against an impressive backdrop of lush mountains.

  2. 2 weeks in Vietnam, nowhere near enough time, iv been twice 4 and 5 weeks still have not seen much of it.

  3. Da Nang is one of the most dangerous beach cities in the world due to insane construction which never stops. And the constant noise is more than annoying. Also, there aren't even any crosswalks to get to the beach from very busy roads. Please show the full reality. There is a good reason why westerners don't typically go to Da Nang (other than ESL teachers working illegally but who have fortunately been recently kicked out). Sane westerners will not tolerate the lack of regard for safety and human life seen in Da Nang. This is why most foreign tourists that visit Da Nang are from China and S. Korea (they are accustomed to ridiculous safety standards). You are doing a great disservice to people by not warning them of the crazy construction. As far as I'm concerned this is fake content.

  4. How did you manage to get to Vietnam? I thought it was still in lockdown for more than a year.. I really want to go there too!!

  5. เวียดนามเจริญแล้วเบอร์ 1 ในอาเซี่นน

  6. Haven't you gone to "Ba Na hill" yet? It is also in Danang, a tourist complex at an altitude of 1500m .

  7. I'm planning on traveling to Da Nang by this year. Hopefully, everything is gonna be fine soon.

    This is amazing videos. 👌👌👌

  8. Better watch out for dog poop (walk with head looking down a bit). In local term, we literally call it "dog grenade" Vegeterian means "Chay" in Vietnamese. More than 60% of the population there follow Buddhism, so this is the kingdom for vegan.

  9. I’m watching in jealousy in Tokyo now. Crying. Been in Da Nang once, love the beach, pagodas, the Ba Na Hill, the foods omg and wish can come back soon.

  10. If you go to Da Nang, i suggest u guy should go to Hoa Khanh Nam to eat the food here, it better and cheaper than in the main city

  11. Thank you for your wonderful, thorough and attractive presentation of Vietnam. I’ve always wanted to visit there and your video has inspired me to do it. Much gratitude🙏

  12. It amazes me that people will go to a country where meat is a huge part of the local cuisine but then seek out vegetarian options. You are missing out on a huge part of the local culture. I understand being vegetarian at home, but can’t understand limiting yourself when you travel.

  13. Great video, and thanks for sharing Da Nang's beautiful sites. Yet, I must ask how do you research for your sightseeing agenda in advance? So much to see and you two always pick such interesting attractions from dining to lovely tourist locations on all your trips. So curious about your secret? Keep it up !!! 🙂

  14. I thought it was the Singapore of Vietnam? LOL. Isn't that "China Beach", as in the American TV series I watched as a teenager? Just remember – "Charlie don't surf!".

  15. I really enjoyed watching this video, it seems like you guys have had a wonderful trip to Da Nang and successfully encouraged me to come over there. this video is one of the best I've seen so far.

  16. my grandma's hometown .I love Đà Nẵng so so much ,espcially the beach and food 😀
    nice video anw 😀

  17. fun fact: since the statue was completed, the city is no longer be attacked by storms or just have a few damage from those are strong. my mom believes that the statue has been protecting us

  18. Hi guys nice vid, was wondering if you will be in Da lat any time soon and showing places to eat Vegan or Vegetarian food, that would be great. And market places. Thanks

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