A Mountain Feast in Sapa (Heo Rừng Sapa)

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Sonny is faaaar up north in the mountains of Vietnam, truly off the beaten track for this episode. His guide, a sweet D’zao girl has invited him to her home to share her culture over a delicious and rare Sapa feast and of course, some home-made rice wine.

Link gốc video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJVHzz-Fg84

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  1. From a hill tribe living off subsistence farming, isolated from modern civilization yet speaks better English than most natives. Hmmmmmm?

  2. wicked video, i see sonny has toned down the humour (slightly) to be more respectful – awesome work!! Such a sweet subject

  3. I am going to visit Sapa, so I want to book the tour guider on this video clip. Can you tell me her telephone number, please?

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